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Stereoscopic 3D Short Demo Video Showing Soccer/Football Game

April 3rd, 2010 · No Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

The guys from Explore Media Group continue to provide us with stereoscopic 3D videos, the latest one shows us some shots they did at a practice Soccer/Football game. What is most interesting is that the video can give you an idea on what to expect from sporting events being broadcasted in 3D. Because sport events are going to be one of the major topics for the first 3D TV channels and not only for them, so you should take a look at the video even if you are not a sports fan.

The video in a Side by Side HD format that you can watch in 3D Vision stereoscopic video player of the Stereoscopic Player, just don’t forget to select Side by Side format and manually set the 16:9 aspect ration in the player. There is an HD version of the video available on YouTube 3D, so you can also watch it there with a pair of anaglyph glasses or any other of the 3D systems that the service currently supports, but for best quality you better download the video. You can also go to the 3DGuy website for some interesting things related to stereoscopic 3D and as usual please don’t forget to leave your comments if you watch the video.

Download the new Football practice S3D Videomirror 1mirror 2

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