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Other Stereoscopic 3D Resources That You May Find Useful

March 17th, 2011 · 1 Comment · General 3D News

Since the start of the 3D Vision Blog almost two years ago already, gradually I’ve started a few more stereo 3D-related websites, each of which targeted at helping in one way or another people interested into stereoscopic 3D technology. So if you have missed the announcements for these new websites, than you may take a few minutes to check them out…

3D HelpCenter is a Q&A website specially targeted at people looking for quick and accurate information or answers to their questions regarding different aspects of the stereoscopic 3D technology. The main idea behind the website is to gradually create a useful 3D knowledge base with short answers and quick and right on the point answers that will be able to help users new to 3D having some trouble, by already giving them answers to their questions. Of course the idea is not only to provide information and answers to the more common and general questions, but also to provide useful information and tips for more advanced users having some trouble. Here you can help by sharing your extensive S3D knowledge, if you already have it, or you can get help from experienced stereo 3D enthusiasts in resolving your issues or just answering your questions.

Stereo 3D Jobs is a project intended to help stereoscopic 3D professionals to find some new career opportunities in top companies looking for the experience and expertise that these professionals can provide. It is also the place for companies to post their job offers looking for such professionals, but not only stereo 3D professionals for full-time jobs, but also for freelancers, student interns and so on. With the rapidly expanding interest into stereo 3D technology, the demand for professionals in that area is also growing, so the idea of this project is to create the bridge between the companies and the people looking for jobs into that area.

Stereoscopic 3D News is a user community where people looking for news and information regarding all the latest development with everything stereo 3D-related. Here people can share interesting news stories, articles, photos, videos and whatever else with the rest of the community with similar interests into S3D. The idea is to get a quick and easy overview of what is happening in the world of stereo 3D by visiting just a single page, and by following the user contributed links you can dig into further details for the topic you are interested in.

You can consider all these additional websites of an extension of the 3D Vision Blog as they are covering areas that hardly can be covered by a single person, so you are welcome to join in and contribute your knowledge and share interesting information with fellow stereoscopic 3D enthusiasts and normal users. And don’t forget that the 3D Vision Blog also has a dedicated Stereoscopic 3D Forum as well that is open for any kind of S3D-related discussions, help, or information…

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