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LG Electronics 3D Projection Mapping on a Building Event Fails

June 25th, 2011 · 9 Comments · General 3D News

3D Projection Mapping on a building such as the one of the theater on the video can turn out great if everything is working as it should, making the big crowd happy and impressed by what they are seeing. This time however the specific event, organized by LG Electronics, as a part for their ongoing Cinema 3D TV marketing campaigns has failed quite bad due to technical problems and thus leaving a lot of people unhappy. And even if they’ve managed to make it work properly more than one hour after the failure, most of the people have already left. I was really disappointed how LG Electronics failed with that whole event, especially considering the fact that this was the first large scale 3D projection mapping on a building done in my country. Promoting 3D technology in such a way is not a good thing at all…

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