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3D Pix WordPress Plugin For Embedding 3D Photos from Phereo

July 10th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Other S3D Tech

If you are taking 3D photos you should be aware that there are not that many places where you can upload and share them in their stereoscopic 3D format where people can also see them in 3D. The website Phereo is one of these online 3D communities (the 3DVisionLive 3D photo section is based on the same software) and it also has support for viewing 3D photos using 3D Vision directly from your browser in stereoscopic 3D format along with anaglyph 3D, parallel, wiggle and of course the most common 2D format. If you want to post some of these photos you’ve uploaded to Phereo or photos somebody else has shared there on your personal blog however it may not be that easy, hopefully there is an easy solution at least for the WordPress-based blogs. A plugin called 3D Pix that makes it really easy to embed the 3D photo viewer from Phereo with a photo you want it to show using a shortcode and passing it the id of the 3D photo. It can’t get any simpler than that and you can see an example of the free WordPress plugin above with the embedded 3D photo from Phereo.

To download the free 3D Pix WordPress Plugin for Phereo stereo 3D photo embedding…

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