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Samsung’s New WB750 Digital Camera Gets a 3D Panorama Mode

September 1st, 2011 · No Comments · General 3D News

As if not to be left out behind, Samsung is also joining in other big names in the digital camera market that are introducing software 3D photo features to their compact digital cameras that do not feature dual lens and sensors to make them true 3D cameras. The upcoming Samsung WB750 comes with a 12.5 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, features an 18x optical zoom with both optical and digital stabilization, 3-inch LCD display ad packs that all in a compact device that can easily fit in your pocket. And there are some extra features that might be interesting for a lot of users, like Full HD video capture, high-speed shooting mode, easy HDR photography mode and of course the 3D Panorama functionality that seems to be the most interesting part if you are into stereoscopic 3D technology. Of course there is nothing much different here as compared to everyone else already supporting similar functionality on their 2D digital cameras, and since the WB750 camera also does not feature a 3D screen, it has an HDMI 1.4 interface that you can use to connect it to a 3D HDTV and preview the 3D photos on it.

So you will have yet another option to get a 2D camera with some capabilities of making 3D photos, it seems that this 3D photo functionality is very soon going to become a standard feature. But I’m still wondering why we are not seeing more true 3D-capable digital cameras that use two sensors to capture the two separate images needed for the left and right eye at the same time in order to produce more convincing stereoscopic 3D effect. Still it seems that digital camera makers are interested in adding 3D functionality to their products, they are just taking the easier and cheaper way to do it for now. But yo should be well aware of the fact that these software based 3D photo modes that require you to move the camera and automatically build the 3D photo based on multiple pictures taken are far from perfect. They don’t always offer the same level of depth as a real 3D digital camera can and they are also not able to shoot well scenes with moving objects as well as movies due to the apparent limitations of the implementation used to create the 3D image. So don’t be easily fooled tat getting a digital camera with some sort of a software 3D photo functionality will be the same as getting a real 3D digital camera, although there are still not that much of these available on the market.

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Digital Cameras With 3D Photo Mode Coming, But Not 3D Cameras

August 26th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Shooting in 3D

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but lately there are a lot of new digital cameras that are getting their 3D treatment in the form of a 3D photo mode that works much the same mode as Sony’s 3D Sweep Panorama mode. Sony is the first company to add to a lot of its digital cameras this features that allows you to take 3D photos even though the camera has just one lens and sensor, by just moving the camera horizontally and taking multiple pictures out of which the camera software automatically makes a 3D photo. And now they are even bringing that feature to the latest Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones, but that is to be expected when they already have the software developed and working quite well, so why not integrate it into more devices and say that they also have 3D features. But that is not the problem, the problem is that there are no new real 3D digital cameras coming out on the market, so it is pretty much still up to Fujifilm and their W3 camera to hold the position of the real 3D digital camera for a while more.

If you’ve been looking in the news in the last few days you’ve probably noticed that there are some new digital cameras being introduced from different companies that all have the 3D Photo mode, although they are normal 2D cameras. And I’m not talking about products from some unknown companies, but about pretty much all big names that already have or will soon have this software 3D Photo mode that should be able to automatically make 3D photos out of multiple 2D pictures taken with the camera. Aside from Sony who already have their 3D photo mode in multiple digital cameras, there is also Panasonic with a few models already on the market such as the Lumix ZS10/TZ20/FX78/FX77 and others or the latest Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150. Then there is also Nikon that recently announced their Nikon S100 digital camera with 3D Photo mode as well as Olympus with their SZ-10 or the upcoming PEN E-PM1 Mini that also gets a 3D Mode. Now, the only one missing here from the top names is Canon, so is it a matter of time before they also start adding such a 3D Photo mode to their compact digital cameras or maybe they are late, because they want to have a real 3D camera on the market. So if you are looking or a real 3D digital camera at the moment, then you better go for Fujifilm Real 3D W3 instead of considering getting any of these that only have a software 3D Photo mode to make 3D photographs. Just have in mind that these 3D Photo modes are more limited and are not usable for shooting moving objects and you are not able of course to take 3D videos as you can with a real 3D digital camera that has two lenses and sensors.

You can get the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera for about $300 USD…

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