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The British Newspaper the Sun will Also Have a 3D Issue in June

April 28th, 2010 · 4 Comments · General 3D News

It seems that another newspaper is going to have a complete 3D print issue coming, of course with anaglyph images and paper glasses provided. The idea of the British tabloid newspaper the Sun is to have all the materials in anaglyph 3D and all the ads if possible, but as they require higher advertising fee for 3D ads they may not succeed to get every ad in 3D. The 3D edition of the Sun will be published on June 5th and will have a bigger circulation number because of being 3D with the expectations to generate bigger interest from the readers. This of course is possible since this will actually be the first newspaper printed in 3D in England (we already have a Polish and a Belgian 3D newspapers), so with the huge interest in everything 3D it should turn out as a quite good promotion. Although I’m not a big fan of anaglyph stereo 3D, it is still the cheapest solution that is possible to be implemented on printed paper. And even if it might not be so attractive for people that have 3D Vision or other better stereo 3D solutions it still should help to get more attention from the general public that may be experiencing stereo 3D for the first time and for them even anaglyph should be Ok. We actually need more and more such initiatives to drive the public interest into 3D and help speed up the adoption of different 3D solutions and in turn to get more and more 3D content available…

To visit the official website of the British tabloid newspaper the Sun…

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A Polish Newspaper was Published in Anaglyph 3D Back in 2005

March 14th, 2010 · No Comments · General 3D News

It seems that the Belgian sport newspaper La Derniere Heure / Les Sports (Last Hour Sports) is not the first one printed in 3D with anaglyph images, as one of the readers reported there is Polish newspaper that has done that in 2005. The commemorative edition (60 years) of the regional Polish newspaper called “Dziennik Baltycki” (The Baltic Daily) was issued on May 19th, 2005 in 51,170 copies, consisting of 28 pages with 3D photos and ads and 4 pages special posters with three-dimensional geometrical figures on the one hand and the 3D solar system on the back. In addition to the 3D photos in the articles, almost all ads were also printed in anaglyph 3D, but not all ads – only 90% (it seems that they were not ready to go all 3D as they are now). For the rest of the advertisements clients didn’t agree to a 3D form of publication. Main newspaper was then accompanied by a second part, which consisted of 8-12 pages modified due to the distribution area (subregions like Kociewie, Kaszuby, Powisle, Slupsk Earth, Trojmiasto [Threecity of Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia]). However, second part was printed normally in 2D. “Dziennik Baltycki” (The Baltic Daily) every year publishes a special edition of the newspaper with some interesting thing implemented as the idea for the 2005 issue only was to be in 3D. And also this year, in May, such a special edition should be expected to celebrate 65 years of newspaper with another unique idea implemented. Selected pages newspapers were published with the consent of Maciej Wosko, editor-in-chief of the newspaper and available on the blog of Henryk Jursz who reported this.

To see pages of the anaglyph 3D issue of the newspaper “Dziennik Baltycki”…

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