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Did You Already Watch Clash of the Titans in 2D or Converted in 3D?

April 5th, 2010 · 24 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

Clash of the Titans is the latest just released movie to be shown in 3D, but it was not actually shot in stereo 3D, but instead was converted to 3D after being shot with normal 2D film cameras… just like in the case of Alice in Wonderland. It is interesting to note that the lead role of Perseus is being taken by Sam Worthington whom we all know from Avatar, but no blue aliens here, just some Greek Gods and Monsters. Clash of the Titans was launched in time for the Easter Holidays and in its first boxoffice weekend in USA it has managed to generated about $61 million which is a good start, but lets see how things will continue with the international results and in the next few weeks.

As with other 3D movies this one also has a 2D version being shown, but in much less theaters compared to the 3D conversion of the movie. It is interesting to note that the director of the movie did not intend it to be presented in 3D, the decision to go for 3D conversion came from the studio… they wanted to catch the stereo 3D craze going around lately and make more profit. Still this is a double sided edge as with not so good conversion from 2D to 3D the long term results can be bad as the viewers may not like what they see or not be impressed by it at all. There is already a lot of controversy regarding conversion to 3D, especially if not done right and a lot of people are complaining they did not like the conversion done in the Clash of the Titans.

Have you already watched the movie in 2D or maybe in 3D? If so please share your comments below – if you liked it, how was the conversion, did you like the 3D effect, did it help you get deeper in the story or just the opposite.? You can also mention in what 3D cinema you’ve watched if you know the technology they used – IMAX 3D, Real D, Dolby 3D or any other…

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