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3D Vision Auto Laser Crosshair Modification v1.0b by Jenson

February 28th, 2012 · 1 Comment · GeForce 3D Vision

Normally when you activate your 3D laser sight in game you play in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision each time you get an annoying green message at the bottom of your screen on a grey overlay telling you what you have just done. What this Auto Laser Crosshair user modification does is allow you when you click your right mouse button and hold it (zooming with the gun) the 3D crosshair will appear automatically without the message showing up. This is quite useful extra that will allow you to aim better trough the scope of your gun when playing in stereo 3D mode without being distracted by the information message popping up every time. Of course releasing the right mouse button can disable the 3D laser crosshair, additionally you can specify a key to be pressed while aiming that can turn off the games HUD, then as soon as you’re done aiming the games HUD turns back on (this only works if the game allows its HUD to be turned on/off via hotkey).

Of course this modification will be useful for people playing FPS games in stereo 3D mode and in single player, but thanks to Jenson who made this modification you can now have this and maybe Nvidia could think about introducing this as an official feature in the future. That is if enough people find this to be an useful feature, so feel free to share your feedback about the mod…

Here is what you need and how to install the modification:
– Download the 3dcrosshairfix.zip archive containing the installation files.
– Start by backing up the files nvstres.dll from C:/program files/nvidia corporation/3d vision/.
– Extract the modified nvstres.dll file from the archive in the folder where you have backed up the original file above.
– Then you need to restart the 3D Vision service.
– Go into Nvidia Control Panel, reassign the Show or hide 3D laser sight to . (period).
– Open the file from the archive called alc.exe and click hide.
– Now start your favorite FPS game and enjoy the extra features that mod provides.

The only side effect from using this mod is that it will remove not only the information message for the 3D laser sight, but will also remove all other overlay messages that you get from 3D Vision such as the depth adjustment slider for example.

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