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3D Help Center, Get a Quick Answer to Your 3D-related Questions

January 16th, 2011 · No Comments · General 3D News

The website 3D Help Center started as a project to help people deal with the rapidly emerging stereoscopic 3D technologies. The general idea is that more experienced 3D users can share their knowledge and help novice users, answering their questions and thus forming an useful stereoscopic 3D knowledge-base that can prove invaluable to everyone interested. It is intended as a stereo 3D quick Questions and Answers community that everyone can participate in, asking a question requires a quick and easy registration and answering questions can be done even without registration. Feel free to join in and don’t forget that you can also ask questions here in the forum as well…

To visit the new 3D Help Center stereo 3D Questions and Answers community…

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