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360 Degree Holographic 3D Prints And No Glasses Required

March 7th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Here is something interesting made by an European company called Mindblowing, this is a three-dimensional model of a few buildings designed in AutoCAD and printed on special 2-dimensional surface, creating a 360 degree 3D-dimensional hologram like print that can be viewed without the need of any kind of 3D glasses. They utilize a technology called ZScape, developed by Zebra Imaging, and it sure looks really impressive, but is also quite expensive. The price of a single large print can go pretty much at the level of a not so expensive autostereoscopic 3D display for example, so these prints, although looking very cool, are not something that is intended for normal users – they are meant for professionals like architects, designers etc. You will surely impress your customers by showing them such a print from a 3D model of a project you have designed for them, before actually starting to work on a building or whatever the project is about. What do you think about these 360 degree Holographic 3D prints?

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