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Sony’s 3D Head Mounted Display HMZ-T1 Will Be Available Soon

August 31st, 2011 · 13 Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD

Do you remember the HMD device that Sony was demoing back at the beginning of the year during CES 2011, back then it was just a prototype and the company wasn’t sure if it will be making appearance as an actual products? Well the good news is is soon going to be released at least on the Japanese market, but maybe soon on others as well. The device is slightly redesigned compared to the prototype, but not that much different and with the same specifications, of course also supporting stereoscopic 3D. Sony is supported to release the HMZ Personal 3D Viewer as they call the device on November 11th in Japan with a retail price of 59,800 Japanese Yen which roughly translates to about $780 USD, not a bad price for such a device actually.

The interesting thing about this 3D HMD device from Sony is that it uses two 0.7-inch (18 mm diagonal) high definition OLED panels with native resolution of 1280×720 pixels, a similar concept like the Emagin Z-800 3D Visor is some of you remember it, but with more up to date hardware. Thanks to the use of OLED panels the image quality should be very good, faster response, with brighter colors and darker black thanks to the fact that OLED displays do not have and need additional backlight. The presence of 2 independent panels, one for each eye means that you will be getting crosstalk-free stereoscopic 3D experience in 720p HD resolution. The optical lenses in front of the OLED displays should be able to provide you with a FOV of 45 degrees, still not wide enough to cover your full peripheral vision like what you’d expect from a HDM (the eMagin solution offers about 40 degrees FOV). According to Sony the experience of wearing the HMZ-T1 is like watching video in a movie theater-like 750-inch virtual screen virtual from a viewing distance of approximately 20 meters. And together with the 3D video support, the 3D Head Mounted Display should also come with a virtual 5.1-channel audio built-in the headphones in order to provide you with a more realistic surround sound as well.

Now, regarding what connectivity options will the HMZ-T1 3D Personal Viewer offer, it is not very clear, but it will have HDMI interface for sure. This interface should be 1.4a-capable in order to easily accommodate stereoscopic 3D support for devices such as Sony’s PlayStation 3 console or a Blu-ray 3D player, and we may even have it supported on PC as well. The connectivity is done through the supplied processor unit that is connected through a cable to the 3D viewer device as you can see on the photo above. And aside from the standard input HDMI connector there should be one more in order to enable pass-through mode, so what what you see on the HMD device will also be displayed on a 3D HDTV for example. Now the 3D Head Mounted Display HMZ-T1 from Sony is definitely something worth waiting for, especially if you were interested in the HMD-type of devices for a while now and have tried multiple solutions so far, and hopefully we won’t have to wait for too long…

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Video Interviews from CES 2011 About Sony’s 3D-capable Products

January 26th, 2011 · 1 Comment · General 3D News

Some more interesting video interviews from CES 2011 made by Neil Schneider from MTBS, this time with Sony about their 3D-capable products, interesting to watch if you weren’t able to visit CES this yea. In the first part Neil interviews John Wyckoff, technical product planning manager at Sony, who tells all about the upcoming Sony Bravia 3D HDTV product line, including upgrades to the way they render stereoscopic 3D content, including a bit on how the shutter glasses work and why Sony’s glasses do not get the stereoscopic 3D image as dark as with some other solutions. As well as a bit about on what 3D content to expect this year to be available.

In the second part of Sony interviews the topic is the PS3 game Killzone 3 that will support Stereo 3D as well as PlayStation Move controller. Here Neil talks with David Bull, SCEA Product Marketing Specialist, who gives the low down on what to expect, new Move attachments, pricing, and more.

Next up is Sony’s new stereoscopic 3D Handycam camcorder and 3D Bloggie presented by Amy Koppman, training manager at Sony. She talks a bit about the new consumer Sony HDR-T10 3D HD camcorder that is soon going to be available (in April for $1499 USD) and about the much more portable and affordable Bloggie 3D video recorder that will be available in March/April for $250 USD.

The last video covers Sony’s 3D Head Mounted Display prototype that has been demonstrated during CES 2011 as Neil talks with Raymond Stanley, senior manager training and content at Sony. This device is something that may or may not appear as a product on the market, but that does not make it look less cool. Of course it will be nice if Sony makes it available as recently HMD devices have been left behind and there is a big potential for such products. It kind of looks like a device that just came out of the TRON movie.

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