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The Holiday 3D HDTV Pricing is Good for 3D Adoption

December 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · General 3D News

According to the U-Decide Initiative 2010 Report the current 3D HDTV holiday prices are in line with what the consumers are willing to pay. The above table is a cross reference of the pricing 2D gamers are willing to pay for a 50″ 1080p 3D-capable HDTV at different premium levels, and the actual sales prices of qualified models during the peak of the 2010 holiday season. The price indicated for each 3D HDTV, includes two pairs of branded 3D glasses, so there are no additional hidden costs. The Sony 52″ 52HX909 is a bit larger than the other units mentioned, and have been known to offer additional bundling advantages for the gaming market. Its pricing is listed for completeness.

“While gamer interest is high, 3D displays are regularly criticized as being too expensive or out of reach in today’s economy. Reviewing current holiday sales pricing compared to what gamers have told us, the HDTV makers got it right this season,” says Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The S-3D Gaming Alliance.

“This cross-reference is strictly focused on price. Not all 3D HDTVs are born equal, so consumers will likely spend more for image quality, content bundling, and brand recognition. When you figure that 3D HDTVs are inherently the best 2D televisions as well, it’s all win-win for the consumer,” says Schneider.

The U-Decide 2010 Survey had nearly 1,200 respondents out of which 735 were traditional non-stereoscopic gamers that don’t yet own 3D equipment and the results in the chart above are based on their responses. This is important to note, because the gamers that already have some sort of 3D solution are generally willing to pay even more for a good solution than the traditional 2D ones. So do not believe everyone that is saying the prices of 3D TVs are too high when comparing them to low-end 2D models available very cheap on the market, because 3D HDTVs are generally high-end models with the 3D support being one of their extra features. And this is done in order for the user to get the best possible experience not only in 3D, but also when watching traditional 2D content…

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