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p2gStereoStage and p2gStereoPhoto Stereo 3D Flash Media Players

October 19th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Other S3D Tech

p2gStereoStage is a Flash-based stereoscopic 3D (S3D) media player that you can embed in your website to show your 3D photos or 3D videos in almost all different 3D viewing methods, and the p2gStereoPhoto is a bit more limited alternative that is designed to show just 3D photos. Both programs, made by Volker “Bill” Schuelbe, are very versatile and highly configurable and they are provided for free to be used for all non-commercial purposes by their author. You can use them to display your 3D photos and/or 3D Video clips you shoot for fun as an alternative to YouTube’s kind of more limited 3D functionality, with everything hosted and served from your own blog or website. So you should check out the two Flash players if you need some kind of solution like that to showcase your stereo 3D content.

The p2gStereoStage S3D multimedia player can open JPG, JPS, PNG, and GIF images, FLV and MP4 video clips as well as MP3 audio files for background music and you can use it to display your 3D media in a variety of popular stereoscopic 3D formats processed on-the-fly to a lot of different anaglyph flavors: red-cyan, cyan-red, blue-yellow, yellow-blue, green-magenta, magenta-green, “Dubois” optimized color, “VWS” optimized color, gamma opti¬≠mized color, full color, half color, greyscale and there is even an option to color match your own specific anaglyp glasses that might not work out of the box. Of course there is also support for polarized 3D monitors like the Zalman Trimon, lenticular (auto-stereoscopic) monitors, and even 3D TVs using the DLP checkerboard pattern. Cross-eyed or parallel free¬≠viewing, mirror-assisted freeviewing, KMQ-style over-under displays, and time-for-space animation (“wiggle” stereo) are also part of the display arsenal. But unfortunately there is no yet support for Nvidia’s 3D Vision, although should Flash add support for it it might also be added at a later time. And the good thing is that you have quite a serious control over the viewing through the built-in menu of the p2gStereoStage player.

The p2gStereoPhoto S3D photo player is a bit more simplified program as compared to the p2gStereoStage, and it also supports only stereoscopic 3D photos in JPEG, JPS, PNG and GIF format. The number of 3D viewing methods is also a bit reduced as compared to its big brother and the interface of the player is also optimally simplified. It is more of a means to quickly and easily show 3D photos in a specific format to the viewer without presenting too much options that might confuse him.

For more information about the p2gStereoStage S3D multimedia player…
For more information about the p2gStereoPhoto S3D photo player…

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