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3D User Experience Technical Summit by The 3D@Home Consortium

August 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Events

The 3D@Home Consortium’s 3D User Experience Technical Summit (3D-UETS) and International 3D Fair is scheduled for September 22-23, 2011 at the Hollywood & Highland Center, Hollywood, California (USA) in conjunction with the 3D Entertainment Summit. The event is tailored to 3D professionals who seek to understand the physiological impact of 3D and how to take that into account when creating 3D for the large or small screen. The conference is intended to be rich with networking opportunities including an industry awards luncheon, and a tour, dinner and networking event at the Sony 3D Technology Center & Sony Pictures Lot.

3D@Home Consortium has been exploring the topic of defining a great 3D User Experience for the past year through ongoing meetings of its members and quarterly workshops. The 3D-UETS is the next in these workshops designed to share information and knowledge with other groups in the 3D eco-system, including: the vision health community, the vision research academic community, and now, the 3D creation and distribution communities. During 3D-UETS, the user experience will be examined from several perspectives, including, signal compression and distribution; specific screen sizes and displays; measurements already conducted; what areas need additional study; the impact of differences in binocular vision; and, how the experience is manipulated and evaluated in post-production.

For more information about the 3D User Experience Technical Summit conference…

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4th Annual 3D Entertainment Summit And 3D Gaming Summit 2011

July 30th, 2011 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Events

The 3D Entertainment Summit is an event that is focused on how the 3D entertainment transformation is affecting the business of entertainment, it is the event of choice for the key players in 3D entertainment across theatrical, broadcast, television, gaming, advertising and alternate content. In it’s fourth year, the 3D Entertainment Summit is going to bring thought leaders from around the globe to analyze where 3D has been and more importantly where it is headed. An unfiltered “state-of-the-industry” that affords an in-depth look at how visionaries and luminaries see the future ahead in this rapidly changing marketplace.

This will be the second year for The 3D Gaming Summit, an event focused entirely on 3D gaming, and it will for the first time be held in conjunction with The 4th Annual 3D Entertainment Summit in Hollywood. The 3D Entertainment Summit will run on September 20-22, with a dedicated day to the 3D Gaming Summit (featuring 3D Gaming & Beyond) on September 22nd. The whole event is scheduled to take place on September 20-22, 2011 at the Hollywood & Highland Center, Hollywood, California, USA.

For more information about the 3D Entertainment Summit & 3D Gaming Summit 2011…

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Nvidia Talks about 3DTV Play at 3D Entertainment Summit

September 25th, 2010 · 7 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Neil Schneider from MTBS3D has managed to get a hold of Andrew Fear, the product manager for 3D Vision at Nvidia for a short interview regarding 3DTV Play during the 3D Entertainment Summit. In the video Andrew Fear presents briefly the 3DTV Play software and also discloses some new information, like the fact that the 3DTV Play will also be bundled by some OEM’s with their laptops besides being freely available for 3D Vision owners and being sold separately. Just a reminder – the latest 260.63 beta drivers do have beta support for 3DTV Play, so you can try it out if you have a 3D HDTV already. Just don’t get discouraged if id does not work yet or properly with your 3D setup, it is still beta and thus some issues can be expected, meanwhile we are still waiting for the official announcement and the availability of 3DTV Play with WHQL driver release…

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