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Mitsubishi’s New 3D Adapter Kit 3DC-100S For Samsung 3D DLP TVs

January 28th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Some time ago Mitsubishi made available their 3DA-1 adapter and 3DC-1000 starter packs to add conversion from HDMI 1.4a format to DLP checkerboard pattern to display stereo 3D content for newer consumer electronic devices on their range of 3D-capable DLP HDTVs. Now Mitsubishi is releasing the new 3DC-100S starter kit that besides Mitsubishi’s 3D DLP TV sets will also work with most if not all of Samsung’s 3D DLP HDTVs. The new 3D starter pack includes 2 pairs of active shutter glasses, infrared emitter for the glasses, Disney Blu-ray 3D showcase disc, 3D conversion adapter with remote control and an HDMI cable. The price for the whole starter pack is $449 USD.

Supported Samsung 3D-ready DLP TVs List:

650 Series

750 Series

75 Series

76 Series

87/88 Series

89 Series NOT TESTED

Mitsubishi 738 and 838 Series TVs with software version of 012.06 or higher do not require the use of the adapter for HDMI 1.4a mandatory 3D signals as they have the support added in the firmware, if you have older version of the software and a TV ser from these to series you can update your TV’s software for free.

For more information about the new Mitsubishi 3DC-100S 3D starter kit…

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Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Kit

June 16th, 2009 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


Recently Nvidia is making quite a few new products that are not in their main focus and by that I mean the GPU business. Some of the new interesting products coming out from nVidia are for instance the ION platform or the Tegra, products based on which are just now slowly starting to come out in the market. Actually there is one more interesting solution that was announced a few months back, but just recently became available in Europe – GeForce 3D Vision. These are basically LC shutter glasses (often referred as LCD shutter glasses which is not entirely correct) that are designed to work with a suitable display that can provide at least 100 Hz or higher refresh rate. Now as normal LCD displays cannot provide such a high refresh rate or actually we better use the term frame rate here when talking about LCD displays we are going to need a new type of LCD displays. So Samsung and Viewsonic provided a solution in the form of 22-inch LCD displays with 120Hz refresh rate so that they can be bundled with the 3D Vision glasses to provide the best experience. So far ViewSonic VX2265wm is only available on the American market and the Samsung 2233RZ is available in Europe both bundled with nVidia’s 3D glasses or as a standalone monitors. Apart from these two monitors you can also use the GeForce 3D Vision glasses with a normal CRT display (that can provide high enough refresh rate) if you still have one of these lying around. There is also support for some DLP TV sets and 3D projectors, but these are still not very popular and widely available so the best way is just to get the 22-inch Samsung or Viewsonic LCD display available where you live. By the end of this year other LCD display manufacturers should also start to provide suitable models with high refresh rate, bigger resolution and size, but we will have to wait and see.

With the help of Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision you can start enjoying a way more impressive 3D gaming experience, watch suitable 3D movies and even look at digital photos in 3D. Of course the most interesting and impressive features is the use of the technology for gaming, making most of the new titles and a lot older games a lot more impressive. By utilizing the 3D Stereo shutter glasses you can experience all 3D games in a new way, even games that you can completely finished playing will seem different to you when you’ll be able to see the depth of the 3D world around you. Of course not all games work perfect out of the box, but most of them have built-in profiles and provide information and good enough result by default and then you can tweak them a bit to achieve better results based on your personal preferences. But even if a game doesn’t have a profile there is a high chance it will work fine with some minor tweaking or even without having to do anything special, you just have to try. And the list of games that have serious problems or are not working at all is very small indeed and there is a chance that they may become supported in later updates of the drivers. I’ll tell you some of the games that provide the best results combined with GeForce 3D Vision that you should definitely try if you have the chance to test this 3D Stereo product or even if you buy one yourself. Anyway there is way more to come about Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision and not only about it, so stay tuned for more information… ;)

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