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Wikipad Just Got Disappointing, no Stereo 3D Support for Now

July 31st, 2012 · 1 Comment · General 3D News

After promoting for so long the Wikipad tablet as the first gaming tablet to come with autostereoscopic 3D display built-in and a physical game controller that attaches to the tablet, now there is information coming directly form Wikipad in an interview with them that the initial models will not feature stereo 3D support. Furthermore the 3D display may be available in future models, but that is not sure yet, it is certain however that the first Wikipad powered by Tegra 3 should be released sometime later this year.

With this turn of events the company behind the Wikipad could just instead go for making their physical game controller that attaches to the tablet an accessory for other popular tablets as the Wikipad tablet itself is apparently not going to be anything special in terms of specifications compared to what other manufacturers of tablets are already offering. I don’t know about you, but I’m really disappointed from this turn of events and am not waiting with interest the release of the Wikipad anymore, transferring the high expectations for the OUYA…

Now, why did Wikipad decide to ditch the 3D display for now is not yet clear. But we can easily speculate that it may be due to the fact that the Tegra 3 does not have native support for driving autostereoscopic 3D displays and the cost of a good 3D display along with the implementation could make the tablet too expensive at the moment. As for the stereoscopic 3D support for games, the Tegra 3 platform is already ready for that, though there are still a very limited number of games optimized for it that support stereoscopic 3D mode. The lack of enough 3D-ready content could be another reason for dropping the stereo 3D support on the platform for now and last, but not least they could have gotten scared by the information in the media that the 3D is loosing popularity. Either way I’m sure that there are a lot of people disappointed by the fact that the Wikipad isn’t going to be the first stereoscopic 3D-capable gaming tablet on the market.

Read what will be the specs of the WikiPad gaming tablet if you are interested…

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Dell Precision M6700 Mobile Workstations With Optional 3D Display

July 24th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

Dell has just announced that their updated line of professional mobile workstations M6700 with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and Nvidia Quadro K5000M professional graphics with 4GB GDDR 5 video memory will have an optional 17.3-inch Full HD 3D display for use with the Nvidia 3D Vision Pro active shutter glasses using RF technology. The starting price point for a 3D-capable Dell Precision M6700 mobile workstation is around $4400 USD and that is with the base specifications that you can configure the system with. There is also an optional more affordable version of the Precision M6700 based around AMD FirePro M6000 professional graphics, but it does not come with an option for a stereoscopic 3D-capable display, though you can still use a compatible external 3D monitor with it.

“Our new family of mobile workstations offer uncompromising performance, dependability and design,” said Kirk Schell, vice president of Computing Products, Dell. “We are continuing to build on our heritage of developing innovative workstation technology by offering the first NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro solution, Gen 3 graphics and 1866MHz memory in a mainstream mobile workstation, enabling our customers to bring their creative and design work to life fast regardless of their location.”

Dell targets the 3D-capable Precision M6700 mobile workstations at professionals working with CAD/CAM/CAE, DCC, seismic visualization, life sciences and other professional applications giving supporting stereoscopic 3D visualizations in order to improve the usefulness of the application and deliver better results and increase productivity. The fact that Dell turns more attention to stereoscopic 3D features and support in their professional line of mobile computers simply means that there is more demand for such from professionals working with stereoscopic 3D content.

To see what configurations and options are available for Dell Precision M6700…

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Sony’s 24-inch PlayStation 3D Display Now Available in Europe

April 19th, 2012 · 4 Comments · General 3D News

Sony has finally made available their 24-inch PlayStation 3D Display in Europe after first releasing it a couple of months ago in the US (back in November last year). The European version of the 3D display comes bundled with the Platinum versions of Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3, two top game titles supporting stereo 3D on the PlayStation 3 and two pairs of 3D glasses, while the US version came bundled only with MotorStorm: Apocalypse and just one pair of 3D glasses. The recommended end user price of the Sony PlayStation 3D Display for Europe is 499 Euro and that is actually a bit high, considering that at the moment you can get the display in the US for less than $400 USD. Not to mention that you can also find some bigger size 3D HDTVs for the price of the PlayStation 3D Display, though with it you also get the SimulView feature for playing multiplayer games with separate views for each player. You’d however need to play games that support that features as not all multiplayer games would be able to take advantage from that feature. Just as a reminder, the PlayStation 3D Display uses HDMI 1.4 interface for the stereoscopic 3D support, meaning that you can use the display not only with the PS3 console for 3D, but also with other 3D capable devices using HDMI 1.4.

For more information about the features and specs of the PlayStation 3D Display…

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