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Nintendo 3DS Console Sales Still Not Going As Well As Expected

July 28th, 2011 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

Nintendo has released some financial results that contain some interesting information regarding the sales of their 3D-capable 3DS portable console. For example during the last three months that ended in June 2011 the worldwide sales of the Nintendo 3DS console accounted for 0.71 million units and for the same timeframe Nintendo has sold more than double non-3D portable consoles in the form of Nintendo DS (1.44 million units). The worldwide sales of the bigger Nintendo Wii console were even more with 1.56 million units sold for that quarter, so the 3DS needs to catch up a lot, especially considering the fact that the older products are already available on the market for quite some time.

On the software side, Nintendo has sold 4.53 million games for the 3DS console, as opposed to 12.13 million for the DS and 13.44 million for the Wii console. Of course here the older consoles have the advantage of much larger user base, but it is also up to the number of hit titles available for each console. For example thanks to the game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” considered a top game title the number of software sales for the 3DS were just at about 1/3 of the games sold for one of the other platforms which is actually quite good. And in truth Nintendo is blaming the slow hardware sales due to the lack of hit titles for the Nintendo 3DS, which is probably true considering the fact that the interest in 3D is booming and that the 3DS still has no serious competition.

You can find more details about Nintendo’s financial results in this PDF…

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Share Your Experience with the 3D on Nintendo’s 3DS Console

March 28th, 2011 · 13 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Nintendo’s new 3DS portable console featuring an autostereoscopic 3D display and a 3D camera is now officially available in Europe and North America, after the earlier launch in Japan at the end of last month. And if you are among the first to get your hands on your brand new 3D console, you are welcome to share your feedback and experience with the 3D functionality it offers, things like how the games look like in 3D mode, how well does the 3D strength adjustment slider works, what do you think about the camera etc. I’ll try to get a press sample to do a review of the 3DS, but can’t promise anything as I do not plan to buy the console… don’t have the time to play on it and it will be pretty pointless to buy one just for a review ;)

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Nintendo 3DS Has Been Officially Announced and Demonstrated at E3

June 15th, 2010 · 8 Comments · Other S3D Tech

This is how the new Nintendo 3DS will look like, of course with different color variations and not just blue as it was show in Nindendo’s presentation during E3. The 3DS has got an analog stick, a directional pad, four main action buttons and select, home and start control buttons and of course the power button. But there is one more interesting button on the top part of the console and that is the 3D Depth Slider that will allow you to control the level of depth you get displayed on the 3D screen. And the top screen is 3,5-inches with widescreen format (16:9) and 3D-capable, of course using an autostereoscopic display technology not requiring you to wear glasses to see the stereo 3D image. The smaller display on the bottom part is 2D only and in 4:3 aspect ratio with a touchscreen for additional level of control, and there is no touch panel on the top screen as it seems that 3D and Touch functionality still don’t go so well together. There is a WiFi functionality, but it will be just for new content download and maybe game to game console communication, although additional functionality may be added like a web browser for example.

Nintendo 3DS now has a motion sensor and a gyro, two built-in cameras or maybe you can actually say three as there is one camera on the inside (top center of the console), and two camera lenses on the outside that will allow you to take 3D photos. The interaxial distance between the two lenses on the outside 3D camera seems smaller, but it is most likely around 5-6 centimeters form what I can judge, so it should be Ok even when taking photos of closer objects, although still not close enough for macro. Yet another nice extra functionality, although no word on photo resolution and image quality as well as if it will also support 3D video recording or it will be only for taking 3D photos.

The graphic performance has also been improved over the previous generation of DS as it is to be expected in order to have good stereo 3D support, but besides better graphics and in stereo 3D the new 3DS will also be usable for viewing 3D movies. Probably with the first 3D title available How To Train Your Dragon from DreamWorks with other Hollywood studios to follow. The game studios backing up the new hand-held console are also joining the 3D party with big names like Activision, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Konami, Sega, Square Enix, THQ, Ubisoft already in the list along with a few more of course.

So the new Nintendo 3DS will be like a Nintendo Wii that fits in your hand, with a graphics at the level of that available on the Wii and in stereo 3D. But besides a portable console you’ll also get a 3D movie player and a 3D photo camera all in one portable device which doesn’t sound bad at all. Now all we need is a bit more technical details like specifications and then also the pricing and availability of the 3DS, but it is still a bit too early for that.

Some of the specs were published on the official 3DS website…
– The top 3D screen is 3.53-inch with 800×240 pixel resolution, which is actually 400×240 per eye for the 3D of the autostereoscopic display.
– The bottom 3.02-inch LCD is with 320×240 pixel resolution and a touch screen functionality.
– Both the inner camera and two outer cameras are with 640×480 (0.3 Mp) resolution.
– The 3D Depth Slider used to adjust the level of 3D effect can also be turned off completely to disable the 3D effect, but why would you want to do that.
– The 3DS will be available in three colors: blue, red and black.
– The size is 5.3 inches wide, 2.9 inches long, 0.8 inches tall (13.5×7.4×2 cm).
– The weight of the console is around 8 ounces (230 grams).

Now a bit more about the wireless functionality that may even cause some privacy concerns due to the fact that even when the console is not in use and is in sleep mode it can still use the wireless to communicate with other consoles or get data from the internet. The WiFi module is using the 2.4 GHz band allowing the Nintendo 3DS to connect via a local wireless connection to let users communicate or enjoy competitive game play. Systems also can connect to LAN access points to access the Internet and allow people to enjoy games with others, supports IEEE 802.11 with enhanced security (WPA/WPA2). And there seems to be a button to disable wireless…

For more information visit the official E3 Nintendo 3DS website…

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