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Australian Rugby Match in 3D on TV Before the 2010 FIFA World Cup

April 28th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Stereo 3D Events

More and more sports events are getting the 3D treatment and there were just some news that the Australian Channel Nine TV network will be broadcasting the first 3D sports event in Australia (thanks to Philip Heggie for reporting that). They’ll be broadcasting in 3D the first of the three 2010 State of Origin Rugby League games on May 26th, namely the Queensland vs New South Wales (NSW) rugby match. It is interesting to note that the Australian government has temporary given the network an extra broadcasting spectrum for the event, welcoming the initiative, and it will be a terrestrial TV broadcast over the air, and not on cable. Of course in order to be able to watch it in 3D you’ll have to have a compatible 3D-ready TV set and so far the only ones available on the Australian market are the Samsung C7000 series. Sony and Panasonic may also have their 3D-ready HDTVs available on time for the event as they are expected in June, but that is still not clear yet. The 3D broadcast will be in HD 1080i resolution according to the HDMI 1.4 3D specs. The game will be covered by special 3D rigs consisting of two cameras each and there should be at least a few of these in different places along the stadium to cover the whole game, besides the normal 2D cameras that will also be there for the normal broadcast of the event. Unfortunately no news about online broadcast, so the event will kind of remain limited to Australia, but hopefully someone will make a recording and share it with the rest of the world…

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Tennis in 3D is Coming with the 2010 French Open Tournament

April 17th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Stereo 3D Events

Not long ago we had one major sports event in the USA – The 2010 Masters golf tournament in 3D and now there are some interesting news that The 2010 French Open tennis tournament will also be shot and broadcasted in 3D too. The 2010 French Open will run from May 23th to June 6th in Paris, so after it finishes it will be just about time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa – the next major sports event to be shot and shown in 3D. These are definitely very good news for all the sports fans all over the world as it seems that the big sports events are one of the first to go 3D in trying to provide you similar experience as actually being there live, but at the same time from the comfort of your home while in front of your new 3D TV. After the Masters 3D broadcasts there were a lot of people that were quite impressed by what they saw, although they were not interested in Golf or even found it quite boring. Tennis for example is also not the most common and widely popular sport, but with the football matches coming up this summer the new generation of 3D TVs should become a big hit.

But back on the topic of the 2010 French Open tennis tournament being shot and broadcasted in 3D, not all matches of course, but all that will be played at the center court at Roland Garros will be shot and broadcasted in 3D. It seems that the organizers of the The 2010 French Open have partnered with Panasonic, Orange and Eurosport to make the 3D broadcasts possible. The 3D broadcast should be available to all Orange subscribers throughout France on special 3D TV channel. Eurosport will also be delivering live 3D coverage of the sports event to thousands of retail stores throughout Europe on Panasonic VT20 Plasma 3D TVs, but it seems not to the homes of the early adopters of 3D TVs that still have some issues with finding content in 3D. Still Panasonic expects to have around one million people that will be able to see the 3D broadcast from the tennis tournament in Europe, which is not bad at all.

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Details for the Upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 Broadcasts in 3D

April 9th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Stereo 3D Events

It is almost about time for the world’s first FIFA World Cup to available in 3D and FIFA and Sony just announced a bit more information about it, including which of games will actually be shot in 3D. With a total of seven pairs of Sony’s professional HDC cameras on rigs at every match (Sony HDC-1500), the action on the pitch will be captured in a stunning 3D quality enabled through its proprietary multi-image processor (Sony MPE-200) and 3D Outside Broadcast truck. Sony’s cutting-edge processor is supposedly the only one in the market to date that makes an end-to-end workflow possible in the production process and automatically adjusts the depth-of-field to ensure optimal 3D viewing experience. Starting from the FIFA Confederations Cup last year in South Africa, Sony has been working on enhancing the 3D capturing of fast-moving football action and has since conducted a number of 3D filming trials in Europe to provide the best experience to the football (soccer) fans. 3D filming will be realised at five out of the 10 FIFA World Cup stadiums: Soccer City and Ellis Park in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. 25 matches in total will be filmed and broadcast in 3D, which will include a carefully chosen selection of those games expected to attract most public attention, including the opening game on June 11 at Soccer City (South Africa vs Mexico) and the crowning final game on July 11 also in Johannesburg.

List of all the games to be captured in 3D:

1. June 11 @ 16:00 – South Africa vs Mexico
2. June 12 @ 16:00 – Argentina vs Nigeria
3. June 13 @ 20:30 – Germany vs Australia
4. June 14 @ 13:30 – Netherlands vs Denmark
5. June 15 @ 20:30 – Brazil vs Korea DPR (PRK)
6. June 16 @ 16:00 – Spain vs Switzerland
7. June 17 @ 13:30 – Argentina vs Korea Republic
8. June 18 @ 16:00 – Slovenia vs USA
9. June 19 @ 13:30 – Netherlands vs Japan
10. June 20 @ 20:30 – Brazil vs Cote d’Ivoire
11. June 21 @ 20:30 – Spain vs Honduras
12. June 22 @ 20:30 – Nigeria vs Korea Republic
13. June 23 @ 20:30 – Ghana vs Germany
14. June 24 @ 16:00 – Slovakia vs Italy
15. June 25 @ 16:00 – Portugal vs Brazil
16. June 27 @ 20:30 – 1st in group B vs 2nd in group A
17. June 28 @ 16:00 – 1st in group E vs 2nd in group F
18. June 28 @ 20:30 – 1st in group G vs 2nd in group H
19. July 02 @ 20:30 – Quarter finals
20. July 03 @ 16:00 – Quarter finals
21. July 03 @ 20:30 – Quarter finals
22. July 06 @ 20:30 – Semi finals
23. July 07 @ 20:30 – Semi finals
24. July 10 @ 20:30 – 3rd place match
25. July 11 @ 20:30 – The Final

The 3D feed from these 25 matches will be made available for broadcast on 3D TV channels, which can be enjoyed by consumers on their 3D-compatible TV sets at home. The first confirmed partners for the 3D TV live broadcast are ESPN in the US and Sogecable in Spain with more to come apparently. Eight matches will be fed live to digital cinemas and selected venues in 3D HD quality around the globe, and FIFA has appointed Swiss-based Aruna Media AG to manage the exclusive 3D cinema and entertainment venue rights for live games in 3D. Aruna plans to broadcast live 3D coverage of matches to around 26 countries and is in advanced discussions with several major markets. Complementing the 3D live broadcast and public viewing activities, the general public will also be able to exclusively enjoy the 3D promotional trailers shown on Sony 3D BRAVIA TVs in around 4,000 Sony-affiliated retail stores worldwide (1,500 in North America, 1,300 in Europe, 500 in Japan, 200 in Asia, 200 in Latin America, and 30 in South Africa). Furthermore, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment also plans to produce and distribute the official FIFA film in 3D on Blu-ray Disc later this year.

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