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Microsoft Office 2010 German Stereoscopic 3D Cinema Advertisement

October 8th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses

Microsoft is among the first companies to make 3D commercials, at least in Germany with the release of a 45 second 3D advertisement continuing the line of 2D ads for the promotion of the new Office 2010. Apparently the video was shot with two Arri Alexa 3D cameras as well as two high-speed cameras and it was made to be shown in 3D cinemas in Germany before 3D movies projection starts. If you are interested you can watch the 3D commercial in anaglyph format (the video above), uploaded to YouTube by Microsoft, however they did not upload it in SbS or A/B 3D format with the yt3d tag, but instead already compressed video in anaglyph. So the big question is will this commercial make you get the new Office 2010… ;)

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