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Beware from the Cheaper Chines Clones of the 3D Vision Glasses

April 20th, 2010 · 17 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

It seems that some Chinese company already has managed to make a clone of the 3D Vision shutter glasses, surprisingly they do look almost like the original (at least the glasses) with the IR transmitter being somewhat strange. The product was noticed on eBay being sold under the name of “3D Adventurer” and being sold by a person from UK, claiming it is fully compatible with the original 3D Vision glasses, but at a lower price than the original. I suppose that some people might get attracted by the lower price, but have in mind that there might be problems in terms of compatibility and other issues, so my recommendation is to not to rush and beware of such non-original products. At least until does a thorough review of them and we have more information on their level of compatibility, quality, durability etc., although I’d still prefer the original from Nvidia. It seems they might’ve done a good job with the glasses, but the IR transmitter actually looks quite bad and a bit far from being comfortable to use, especially controlling the level of the depth, or at least it looks like that. Maybe if the Chinese guys did not try to just copy, but also to improve them further they would’ve been a more interesting product and not just attract with a lower price, bundled with a lot of unknown factors… ;)

If you want to take a look at the original listing at eBay for more info…
Somewhat of a review of the 3D Adventurer in Chinese(English Autotranslation)

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