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My 2012 Wishlist for New Features and Improvements in 3D Vision

January 2nd, 2012 · 25 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

It is a new year and the right time to prepare a short wishlist of new features and improvements that I would want to see implemented in 3D Vision this year. It is not like Nvidia is not working on 3D Vision by improving it and fixing issues, but they kind of miss implementing some small, but important things. As for AMD, they have just announced some new stereo 3D features in their latest preview drivers as well as with the upcoming Radeon HD 7970 GPUs, so let us first wait to see how, what and when they will deliver them…

– Bringing back the monitor size user selection that was available in the old stereoscopic drivers. 3D Vision is not longer used only on a certain size of 3D monitors, there are users that use large screen displays in the form of 3D HDTVs and even 3D DLP projectors and the available depth slider may provide insignificant depth levels for them. It is not like it has been completely removed as a feature, but the drivers detect it and save a value in the registry, thus there are workarounds for getting higher depth but why should it be hard when it could be made earier and more accessible.

– Providing a visual indicator for adjustment of convergence level, two simple lines that form a X could easily be used to provide a more user friendly guide on setting up the level of convergence by showing you the converging point. This one actually sounds easier that it actually is, but is something that should be very useful for novice users just starting with stereo 3D gaming.

– Saving stereo 3D screenshots in PNS (Stereo PNG) format by default and not some low quality JPS (Stereo JPEG) wuth a lot of compression, making them small in size, but with pretty bad quality and you need to edit the registry to either improve the quality or switch to PNS. It would’ve been much easier to just use the PNS format with no compression for best quality stereoscopic 3D screenshots, the file size won’t be that big anyway.

– Not deleting all your custom game profiles every time you install new video drivers. Something that is very annoying if you happen to forget to back them up by exporting the keys from the registry and then importing them again after you install new drivers. The driver installer could check for availability of custom game profiles saved by the user and offer the ability to preserve them in the new version as well.

– More options for advanced users to customize and create stereo 3D game profiles, so that they can share them with not so experienced users and help the stereo 3D gaming community that has grown quite a lot already. And not having to wait for official driver updates that are not released so often and not always contain profiles for all games that users want to be able to play well in stereo 3D mode. Of course sometimes the game just is a no go for stereo 3D, but there are rare occasions and with some tweaking most games can provide good results in stereo 3D mode.

You are also welcome to share what features you’d want to see in the new 3D Vision drivers this year from Nvidia in the comments below…

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