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Online Streaming Stereo 3D Porn Still Almost Nowhere to be Found

August 24th, 2011 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech

It has been about a year since the adult website YouPorn (YouTube like video streaming website that offers free adult only video content) has introduced an anaglyph 3D section on their website that allowed the visitors to see some short example adult oriented 3D video clips. But in this year the website has not extended their 3D content for adults in any way – either by adding more video clips or by adding more viewing methods apart from the use of anaglyph 3D glasses with red cyan filters. It is not only YouPorn however, there a lot of other similar websites offering easy access to adult video content just like YouTube does with normal videos, but none of them has still taken on the 3D road like YouPorn has at least tried to do. And it is not like the users don’t have interest in adult oriented 3D video content, they do, but they prefer the more traditional way of getting it – by downloading the 3D videos to their computer and watching them locally. The reason for that is due to the fact that there are multiple methods of viewing 3D video online, depending on what kind of 3D-capable hardware you have and not all of these are still easily supported for watching directly through the browser. Even the Google owner YouTube still is not perfect with their 3D video support although they are doing quite good already and offer good support for most viewing methods. Another concern about watching streaming 3D videos on the user’s side is that you may not be able to get the best possible quality out of the streaming 3D video like you can do with a high-quality 3D video you’ve already downloaded.

And while streaming stereoscopic 3D porn videos may not yet have got their prime time, actually they are not even close to that, although in time this will probably happen, because the adult industry is turning more and more their attention to providing stereo 3D content for their audience. And as more and more users are getting 3D-capable HDTVs, 3D projectors, 3D laptops, 3D-enabled computers with 3D monitors, even 3D capable smartphones and 3D tablets there are more and more websites offering adult oriented 3D video and photo content. And while pretty much half of the websites offering 3D content for adults are still using anaglyph 3D as a delivery method, because it is easy to get a pair of red-cyan glasses and watch it without having to own a dedicated 3D display hardware, others are directly targeting higher quality 3D in Side by Side 3D format for owners of dedicated 3D display solutions. And with the recent big interest in 3D-enabled smartphones with autostereoscopic 3D displays not requiring the viewer to wear any kind of glasses, such as LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D, we are probably not far from getting mobile 3D porn content optimized especially for these devices too… and then for tablets as well as more of these devices become available with 3D screens.

A list of quality websites offering adult-rated stereoscopic 3D content:
For some high-quality Full HD stereoscopic 3D adult content featuring European models…
For hardcore stereo 3D sex movies available in multiple stereoscopic 3D formats…
Hardcore sex movies in stereo 3D format for anaglyph 3D glasses on any display…
To see what adult 3D movies is Penthouse already offering in the new stereo 3D format…
The Girls of MCN in anaglyph 3D, offering high-quality stereoscopic 3D erotic photos…
More stereoscopic 3D HD porn photos and 3D sex videos compatible with 3D Vision…
Here are some anaglyph stereoscopic 3D HD porn photos and 3D videos you can enjoy…
For some hardcore stereo 3D Full HD porn movies optimized for watching on 3D Vision…
Hot Asian girls nude stereoscopic 3D porn pictures and 3D sex movies (available in English)…

Note that the links above are intended for audience of 18 or more years old, so if you are younger or you find such content offensive, then you should not visit them as they are offering content of adult nature showing nudity and/or explicit sexual acts!

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Is the Adult Industry Going S3D, Interview with the Founder of Adult4D

January 22nd, 2010 · 14 Comments · Other S3D Tech


A few months ago I’ve introduced you the just launched adult oriented stereoscopic 3D website called Adult4D that is offering high-quality stereo 3D videos and pictures for adult audiences (18+). It has been quite some time since then, so I decided to see how things were going with this interesting new project and to get some more details about it that you might find interesting to read. So here is a short interview with the founder of the website, I hope you like it and maybe even find some useful information, you can also ask some questions that you might have in the comments below…

Can you briefly introduce yourself to the readers of the blog, who you are and what you do?

Let me introduce myself as Sir Thomas Graf de Porneau, but you may call me Tom :-)
I am founder and producer of Adult4D.com – serving the worlds first XXX in FullHD-3D (that means 1920×1080 pixels for each eye).
I also work in audio-visual event and entertainment business. This background greatly helped doing my pioneer work in 3D HD porn.

When and how did you decide to start up the Adult4D stereoscopic adult entertainment website?

I have seen some great S3D films in theme parks and even produced a stereoscopic 3D live show for a client more than 10 years ago. Then in 2006 I saw an IMAX3D documentary and while still impressed by the visual 3D effects, I was disappointed with the overall content offered. I suddenly thought about a hot babe coming out of the screen while showing off her beauty (I must have been very horny then!-)
Although I did a lot of research I could not find anything satisfying. Mostly anaglyph photos which reproduce horrible skin colors – not acceptable for nudes, if you ask me. Due to the available systems and difficulties involved only a small group of gamers played S3D computer games in 2006 and just some enthusiastic experts and hobbyists made or watched s3D photos. 3D is all about technology (nobody likes flicker or headaches) and content (who buys expensive gear when there is almost nothing to watch?). So I was hoping for success of the then new 3D-ready TVs and decided to produce stereoscopic 3D erotica myself.


Your adult website has been operating for a few months already, do you see constant growth of interest and user base and are your first expectations fulfilled or not yet?

After a lot of learning, trial-and-error and experiments Adult4D.com went public in summer 2009 and it has been OK for the beginning. Luckily my first expectations were quite low as I always thought about it as a niche. That turned out to be realistic. But the Stereoscopic 3D community is growing very fast nowadays, we see a constant growth of interest in our website and receive great feedback from our members worldwide.

There is still not a lot of competition in the S3D adult content online, do you think that this year there will be a lot of new websites similar to Adult4D or not?

The only ones I know about producing full color s3D videos in good quality is 3D-eros.com – we have a friendly and positive contact. Apart from this Asian site I only found some adult sites, who just started offering anaglyph 3D nudes – like if we were in the 80s… Good 3D is quite expensive and difficult to produce – even Avatar, IMHO the greatest 3D movie ever made, has some minor errors in it. So, I just hope for competitors who produce quality content, because otherwise interested people might stay away again quickly from watching S3D. I really look forward to seeing lots and lots of good 3D content without eye-straining alignment errors and excessive sync issues!

What do you currently use for taking Stereoscopic 3D pictures and videos, and then edit and view them?

Custom rigs! We have built and experimented with 5 video rigs so far. Always trying to improve the final results. In December 2009 we got a pair of new video cameras, which enable zooms and are in sync to each other. This is important for capturing exactly the same picture on both cameras. Only progressive cameras are used as they capture full pictures instead of half-resolution, interlaced frames. We had 24p and the new cams do 30p now, which is better for fast movements. The whole workflow in post is in 1080p using a professional DI codec.

Also the photo equipment was improved. First shots were taken with a Loreo 3D lens on a Sony A700. Putting this crap plastic lens on such a good camera was not a very good idea. The output was mediocre. We changed this for shoots “x05” to “x09″ but already took the next step forward – to one of the best photo cameras syncable with SDM. Workflow in progress – everyday!

At the end of time consuming post production (about 5 hours rendering on a high-end computer for a minute of 1080p video!) I view everything on 3Dvision with a 50″ Samsung PS50B450, which is not advertised as but 3D-ready (!?). But also on two 24” FullHD monitors DIYed together in Planar-style with a half-mirror (TARDIS setup: you can find the link to make one yourself in our FAQ). Planar/Tardis gives the best 3D quality available IMHO. Even though this is more of a 3D Vision oriented blog and I like the stylish 3D Vision glasses, I have to say that I do prefer passive 3D with polarized glasses over shutters. No flicker, no batteries, cheap, light-weight, … (I am really looking forward to the upcoming new ZALMAN bundles).

What made you choose the dual-stream WMV video format for publishing your videos online, do you consider it to be the best 2D/3D viewing compatible solution for PC at the moment?

We offer 2 different formats for download to our members:
– CROSSVIEW (side-by-side w/ Right picture on Left side) in qHD resolution (1920×540 = 960×540 per eye), which is the most compatible version and even plays on quite old computers. This can be used for crossviewing on many players on PC and MAC or converted to many other 3D formats in freeware s3D players.
– 1080p DUAL-STREAM in FullHD resolution (1920×1080 full pictures per eye) which is 2D backward compatible, but currently plays 3D only in Stereoscopic Player.

The second one is the format you mention. I like it, because it also plays in FullHD-2D and does not require any special settings or codecs in Stereoscopic Player. You just choose your preferred 3D viewing method. Peter Wimmer from 3dtv.at has done an excellent job. Also this player is bundled with popular new 3D solutions like ZALMAN and 3D Vision. It is more convenient for our members than any other format I know of.

Can you share your opinion about the Blu-ray 3D standard, did you consider releasing your adult videos on it in the near future?

We follow the development for a while now and had interesting talks with some of the key players. I am happy we got a standard now and that it is backward compatible. We are ready for using it and will definitely release 3D-BDs in the near future, but we will probably not be the first ones in the industry. The quality difference between our 1080p downloads and a 3D-BD is not that big anyway. But it will definitely be a better media than 3D-DVD to help s3D succeed. Especially with the PS3 and XBOX firmware upgrades for playing 3D-Blurays in 3D, which should be available this year. Otherwise it would take years until enough people own a 3D-BD player. Then they also need a 3D-ready TV and glasses. A few million already have a 3D-ready TV, but most got no glasses to use the 3D feature. Well, I really hope for more CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY 3D BUNDLES.

A lot of people believe that 2010 will be the year of S3D, do you agree and what are your expectations?

2010: The Year We Make Contact (with Real 3D – as I like to call it).
Yes, I think it will be the kick-off year. With the huge success of Avatar and most major manufacturers like Sony, LG, JVC, Panasonic, Hyundai, … selling 3D@home equipment it will start to go mainstream. SKY UK will launch a dedicated 3D-TV satellite channel this year and the first 3D-BDs (3D blu-rays) will go on sale. But things take time: LG estimates to sell 400,000 3D-TVs in 2010 but 3.4 million in 2011. People might wait a while until they upgrade their TVs and monitors, but once they see lots of good HD-3D content available, they will be sold. Gamers will make the move forward much faster as they are used to being fast ;-) They upgrade their gear more regularly than TV users and there are already hundreds of cool games to play in S3D!

You can visit the website Adult4D.com for more information and samples (18+)…

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Adult4D.com launches XXX in new 3D format (18+)

September 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Other S3D Tech


Here is something interesting that probably a lot of the people interested in S3D technologies are eagerly waiting for… the Adult industry is starting to turn to Stereoscopic 3D content step by step and I’ve already mentioned sites like Adult4D that started offering porn in 3D. And Adult4D are doing it the right way, providing their members with High Definition and High Quality Adult Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) movies and pictures (stereo 3D porn), which of course requires you to pay a subscription fee to have access to with regularly updated content and to be 18+ or more (of legal age, depending on where you live), but it is worth it. The content on the website is also fully compatible with Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology, so if you own one of these 3D setups for your PC already or have an alternative stereoscopic 3D viewing solution available you should definitely give a it try, at least the sample videos… even if it is just out of curiosity… ;)

Adult4D has launched the world’s first adult website offering FullHD-3D, which means high definition stereoscopic 3D.

The XXX content is best viewed with a 3D gaming monitor or a 3D-ready TV, however also can be viewed with old red-blue glasses and other stereoscopic viewing methods. The website offers high resolution 3D photographs and dual-stream videos in 720p and 1080p resolution for playback with a Stereoscopic Player software.

“We follow the current 3D trend of all major TV manufacturers, Hollywood and the gaming industry by producing quality 3D erotica for online download.” Adult4D founder Thomas Graf said. “Our main goal is to achieve an immersive Like-Being-There feeling, when watching our beautiful girls.”

Millions of people, especially gamers, are already equipped for the new 3D format. It enables full color 3D and comfortable viewing – essential for enjoying adult entertainment.

Adult4D also provides 3D production services to the industry and is prepared for the upcoming BluRay3D standard.

Visit Adult4D’s XXX website for more information about the 3D Porn they offer (18+)…
And if you are interested in seeing more adult content in stereoscopic 3D format (18+)…

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