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Asus Going Past 120Hz, Meet the New 144Hz Asus VG278HE 3D Monitor

July 26th, 2012 · 21 Comments · General 3D News

Asus is apparently preparing to release a new version of their 27-inch Asus VG278H 3D monitor that does not come with built-in IR emitter or 3D Vision 2 glasses bundled. The new model name is Asus VG278HE, much like what Asus did with their previous 3D Vision-Ready model VG236H and the VG236HE that also did not include 3d Vision bundled. This time however Asus did announce something different and new in the Asus VG278HE display – support for 144Hz refresh rate, something that was not available in the VG278H model. So what Asus is trying to do with the VG278HE is clearly target it at gamers that are not that much interested in stereoscopic 3D support, though the monitor is still 3D Vision-capable if you get an additional 3D Vision kit, but want to have even higher refresh rate when playing in normal non-stereo 3D mode. Other than the support for 144Hz refresh rate (the first LCD monitor to support that) and the lack of built in IR emitter and bundled 3D Vision glasses the rest of the specs of the display are pretty much the same as with the Asus VG278H, though the new model should be available at a more affordable price.

Have in mind that the 144Hz refresh rate is not supported in stereoscopic 3D mode, only in 2D and it should only be available when using the DVI interface with a Dual-Link DVI cable, even though Asus is not totally clear on that, not to mention that the 144Hz refresh rate is also not mentioned in the manual of the display where the supported resolutions and timings are listed. Furthermore Asus talks about HDMI 1.4 and stereoscopic 3D support, but this monitor does not have a built-in IR emitter, so how did they manage to provide that with an external IR emitter for 3D Vision is another thing that is not yet very clear. I guess we’ll have to wait some more time for the product to become available on the market, so that we can see it in action and test it and compare it with the VG278H. This way we’ll learn more about the new 144Hz mode and the claimed HDMI 1.4 3D support.

Visit the Asus VG278HE 3D Monitor product page for more information…

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