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AVADirect Now Offers Clevo W860CU 3D Laptop With GTX 285M GPU

July 29th, 2010 · 3 Comments · General 3D News

Now there is another option available for you should you decide you need to have a 3D-capable gaming laptop equipped with a 120Hz LCD panel and 3D Vision active shutter glasses for gaming in stereo 3D. AVADirect is now offering a configurable solution based on Clevo W860CU 3D chassis with a GeForce GTX 285M video card (128 stream processors) with 1GB GDDR3 video memory as an alternative ot Asus’ 3D laptop for example that is not so flexible in terms of customization. For the configurable Clevo 3D barebone you can choose between a couple of Intel Core i5 and i7 mobile processors, you gen get up to 8GB of system memory, choose between a few SSD drives or an HDD up to 500GB, between a DVD or Blu-ray Drive and if you are going to watch Blu-ray 3D movies you better go for the BD drive and a few other options. One quite nice option to personalize the notebook is to get it custom painted and you can choose between 10 different colors for that…

The laptop’s display is 15.6″ with a resolution of 1368×768 and uses a 120Hz LCD panel in order to provide you with the option to play games in plain 3D mode with 120Hz refresh rate or to play in stereo 3D mode with 60Hz per eye. The GeForce GTX 285M video card should be able to provide you with more than enough performance in order for you to play comfortably most games in stereo 3D mode on the laptop’s screen with 1368×768 pixels resolution. And of course you’ll also get a pair of 3D Vision active shutter glasses bundled with the laptop, so you will not have to buy these separately. Pricing for the new Clevo W860CU 3D Laptop starts around $1800 USD and you can already order the standard or make a custom configuration based on your specific needs.

For more information about the 3D-capable Gaming Laptop Clevo W860CU 3D…

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Nvidia Announced GeForce GTX 480M, is it Soon Coming to 3D Laptops?

May 25th, 2010 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

Today Nvidia introduced the new GeForce GTX 480M GPU for Notebooks based on the new Fermi architecture that was first introduced into the desktop cards – GTX 470 and GTX 480. This new GPU comes with 352 CUDA cores (stream processors) that should be able to provide quite high performance for a laptop, so it is no wonder that Nvidia calls this “World’s Fastest Notebook GPU”. Of course the new GTX 480M GPU will offer DirectX 11 support and high tessellation performance, supports PhysX and CUDA, along with 3D Vision support of course. And now the big question is are we soon going to see a 3D-capable laptop that uses this new GeForce GTX 480M GPU in action. So far we only have the Asus G51J-3D with GTX260M and the Asus G51Jx-3D with 360M GPUs that are equipped with 120Hz panels and come with 3D Vision active shutter glasses for mobile stereo 3D gaming.

The specificatins of the new GeForce GTX 480M GPU

CUDA Cores – 352 (stream processors)
Graphics Clock – 425 MHz
Processor Clock – 850 MHz
Texture Fill Rate – 18.7 billions/sec
Memory Clock – 1200 MHZ
Standard Memory Configuration – GDDR5
Memory Interface Width – 256 bit
Memory Bandwidth – 76.8 GB/sec
CUDA performance – 897 gigaflops
HDMI 1.4 support – Yes
7.1 channelHD audio on HDMI – Yes
PCI Express 2.0 support – Yes
SLI Ready – Yes
Package – MXM board

The first partner to introduce mobile system based on the new GeForce GTX 480M is Clevo with the high-power gaming laptop expected to be available somewhere in mid-June. Now if you remember Clevo was one of the first OEMs that is supposed to have gaming laptops with 120Hz LCD panels ready sometime this year and if you ask me what better time than this to have a high-end gaming laptop with a GeForce GTX 480M GPU and 3D Vision for playing games in stereo 3D mode (maybe they were waiting just for this moment?). But we shall have to wait a bit more to see if Clevo will have a chassis that combines 480M with 3D capabilities or not, it is quite possible as well that we’ll have to wait to get alternatives to the currently available Asus with a 120Hz panel, but hope never dies. Oh yes, you’ll also be able to have two 480M cards in SLI into a laptop and that should really be impressive in a lot of ways and even better for stereo 3D gaming… ;)

For more information about Nvidia’s new mobile GeForce 480M GPUs…

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