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Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player 1.5.5a Has Been Released

April 3rd, 2010 · 8 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

The 3D Vision Video Player has finally been updated from version 1.5.2 to 1.5.5a adding some new and interesting features that were already introduced in the Stereoscopic Player (the 3D Vision player is based on). One of the most notable new additions in version 1.5.5a of the 3D Vision Video Player is the option to watch online streaming 3D content, a feature that might come in handy pretty soon with all the 3D craze going around. And here are two interesting pages where you can find some more stereoscopic 3D movies that can be played with the 3D Vision video player on your PC: stereo movie gallery Kawagoe that have some 3D videos you probably still haven’t seen.

Here is the complete changelog:
– Adds online 3D streaming capability via File > Open URL.
– Added QuickTime source DirectShow filter.
– Added MXF splitter DirectShow filter.
– Added QuickTime Stream Splitter, Flash Stream Splitter, MXF Stream Splitter and MJPEG2000 Video Decoder categories to the preferred filters configuration.
– Added JPS descriptor support. The player does not ask the user to select the stereoscopic format for JPS files anymore.
– Added support ARGB input format in the Stereo Transformation filter.
– Fixed crash when leaving dual screen fullscreen mode.
– Fixed invalid library items when opening movies failed.
– Added synchronized command execution to effect control.
– Added GPU-based YUV to RGB conversion in OpenGL mode.
– Added: Improved performance and image quality in OpenGL mode.
– Changed: Merged DirectX and OpenGL Stereo Renderer filters.
– Fixed access violation when opening a DVD the first time.
– Added support for separate left/right still image files.
– Added kiosk mode.
– Added option to set slideshow interval.
– Added trace to error log files.
– Added GetZoom and SetZoom OLE Automation commands.
– Added MJPEG Decompressor as default MJPEG video decoder.
– Changed settings dialog.
– Changed behavior of ‘full screen unscaled’ command: now sets zoom to 100%.
– Fixed crashes when viewing stills on graphics cards with small memory.
– Fixed wrong colored pixels on the border of the screen.

To download the free Nvidia 3D Vision Stereoscopic Video Player 1.5.5a…

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