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 Post subject: Sony KDL-W805 and NVidia 3DTV Play - infoz neede!
PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 16:48 

14 Jun 2013, 12:13
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Im thinking to buy a Sony KDL-W805 for 3D gaming with my NVidia 770 Lightning.
That TV have most of the lower input lags (under 20ms) on the market and passive 3D.
Does anybody have try it with 3D gaming (i play only simracing such as Rfactor and iRacing or FPS such as BF3).Can the edid hack work with that TV?
More,3DTV play supports the w800 series?

 Post subject: Re: Sony KDL-W805 and NVidia 3DTV Play - infoz neede!
PostPosted: 20 Aug 2013, 07:43 

20 Aug 2013, 07:10
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I've had Sony 55W805 and GTX770 combo for two months. I can say I'm quite pleased with both pieces of hardware. Gaming works really well and there are no fps or input lag issues. I've mostly played without 3D after having a bit of mixed experiences about it.

In short, both 3DTV play and Tridef 3D work with W805. I also tried Acer/Zalman EDID hacks without success. Usage of 3DTV play is really fluid with GTX770, but you cannot do 1080p/60Hz which was a dealbreaker for me. On the other hand Tridef 3D can handle that so I'll share my experiences about that.

Once you get over of buying Tridef 3D and using and an external launcher you are all set. W805 is a passive 3D screen and uses reversed line interleaved pattern. The games I've played in 1080p/60Hz: Trine 2, GTA IV, Hitman Absolution, Skyrim, Batman Arkham City. Generally speaking the 3D effect works well in all of them. GTA IV and Hitman have some issues, but they are minor. There is some visible cross-talk and I'm still not sure if it is related to passive screen itself or driver issue. Probably with passive technology there is always some leak to the other eye.

Especially with Trine 2 you get those "OMG this is beautiful"-moments that make all the 3D driver related pain worthwhile. I think experiencing 3D is a highly subjective matter. I can see the effect, but I'm easily carried away by any issue (fps, shadows, cross-talk, glasses, environment etc.). I think it's mainly due to frame rate which is capped at 60 fps with TVs. I can't stress enough that you need to have a powerful PC since frame rate drops can destroy your 3D experience.

You may feel that I'm not convinced about current state of 3D and that's right. If you want to game in passive 3D I can highly recommend W805 + GTX770 + Tridef 3D set. It works well and looks nice. It actually looks better than regular 3D movies at the cinema and the light-weight glasses are quite comfortable. It's just that my subjective experience about 3D is average. Gaming in 2D is less stress on eyes. Remember that we are talking about TVs here. I'm about to try 3D vision with a 120Hz monitor and I think that would look a bit easier on the eyes. For 2D gaming, I don't really know any better price/performance than 55W805.

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