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DIY 3d projector, passive or active?
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Author:  blennus [ 12 Dec 2012, 05:22 ]
Post subject:  DIY 3d projector, passive or active?

I'm close to giving a DIY 3d projector a try (I have a current DIY HD projector but want to upgrade to 3D). I've seen plenty of instructions on dual projector setups but I have no interest in going that route. However I was wondering which would be better to try and adapt... a passive or an active 3D monitor?

The benefits of the Active 3D monitor is that it should essentially be the same internals as a normal monitor with the main difference that the LCD is running at a higher refresh rate, enabling the speeds required to show one image to each eye quickly enough for the 3D effect.
The downside is having to recharge the glasses or replace batteries.

The Passive 3D monitor approach benefits from cheap non powered glasses and in some cases at least should be compatible with the glasses you get when you see a movie in the Cinema (of which I have about 4 or so pairs from past viewings).
The possible downside is the internals of the monitor (I have a feeling I read that there was one sort that actually used two LCD panels one for each eyes image... though that may have been an older concept monitor). The other downside is it will most likely require me to get a new screen... I currently have a red leaf professional pull down screen... but with passive if I'm not mistaken I would require a screen with higher reflectivity.

So my question is... has anyone taken apart either a passive or an active 3D LCD monitor and should it be viable for a DIY projector?

Author:  nosys70 [ 29 Dec 2012, 01:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: DIY 3d projector, passive or active?

passive is easy but requires a special silver screen
active is the best, but requires either 2 projectors, or a 3d ready projector.
a third solution is passive a la Dolby, that is not using polarization but color filters.
this is a nice solution since it uses passive glasses and dual projector setup.
there is a guy who sales an Omega solution that looks interesting.
if you want to go straight easy, go with 3d ready projector and active glasses.

Author:  nosys70 [ 15 Feb 2013, 14:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: DIY 3d projector, passive or active?

again , if you are not going for dual projector setup, there is only 2 solution left.
active using DLP Link (glasses are triggered by a flash of light hidden in the color wheel)
or active using regular glasses triggered either by IR or RF.
While it could look the same , some projectors are restricted to HDMI 1.4 whiles others are restricted to Nvidia 3d.
So first you need to make sure what is your workflow, to play your sources. (PC, Blu-ray )

actives glasses are expensive so that is the main problem.
another problem is that most DLP link projector are not full had, but often limited to 1280x720.

if you try to go to passives glasses with one projector, it will require a special projector or adding special filter in front of
the lens. Such active filter cost the hell and you will still be obliged to use a silver screen, a VERY annoying requirement.

I own a PT-AE8000 (Panasonic) that is the best you can currently have.
it projects on regular white surface, use active glasses from XPAND, that you can currently find for cheap on amazon.
All single projector solutions suffer from being very dark, that is why that are usually not satisfying.

I think the total price for any solution you would choose would be more or less the same.

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