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Just building a custom gaming 3D rig! just a few questions :
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Author:  jimmyleet [ 21 May 2011, 13:37 ]
Post subject:  Just building a custom gaming 3D rig! just a few questions :

I'm almost done working on my custom gaming rig.
it will be running 2 Nvidia GTX580 via sli.

Just a few questions.
I'm aiming to run 3 Monitors in 3D surround hopefully will these 2 cards perform enough for me to do that?

Also what current monitor is best to purchase 3 of to get a great 3D full HD gaming and movie watching experience in surround 3d, im looking for a great monitor but not crazy expensive, as you gotta buy 3 xD

Author:  Bloody [ 23 May 2011, 18:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Just building a custom gaming 3D rig! just a few questio

Yes, two GeForce GTX 580 cards in SLI should be able to provide good experience in 3D Vision Surround setup.

The important thing to consider when buying monitors for 3D Vision Surround setup is that they should all be the same model, and the more recent the model is generally the better it should be - have less crosstalk. Going for 3x 24" models is pretty much the optimum size as 27-inch is still more expensive and you may have some trouble with the space required for the use of this big monitors.

You should consider getting 3D LCD monitors that do not come with built-in 3D Vision IR emitters and not bundled with shutter glasses, because you just need a single pair of glasses and one emitter and there is no point in paying additionally for something that you don't need or may not even use.

Author:  Cybornut [ 28 May 2012, 12:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Just building a custom gaming 3D rig! just a few questio

For vanilla 3D surround, your rig should be good enough to turn everything up in almost all of the games that nVidia supports. The trick, as Bloody had noted, is to get monitors with the same model and part number (if you can manage to get the same batch number, all the better... overkill and unpractical, but... cool geek points!). Also, most modern monitors now comes with ICC profile (*.icm on the install disk), make sure you install those, or download them... and it goes without saying that you should install the SAME ICC profile... and have the brightness/contrast/hues/height/positions/tilt whatever etc etc of the 3 monitors match as closely as possible...

On the topic of "HARDCORE"...

Screen bevel is another issue... since screen resolution starts and end at the edge of your monitor... this means the screen doesn't line up 100% seamlessly horizontally... and I've got a friend (not me, really... seriously...) take apart the screen and use black electrical tape to seal the sides of the NAKED LED (to minimize light leak) to get as little gap between the screens as possible... as I've said, there's so many things you can go overkill mode with, if you so are so inclined. Is it better to do those things? Yes, definitely better, and more immersive... but is it worth it, keep in mind of the diminishing return? Not really.

My true question though, is that why don't you push the envelop a little further?

Acer has a great 3D passive monitor (forgot model number, I'll add them when I dug it up).
The upside is that they are nVidia certified, so even with just one, you can run good 3D Vision right out of the box (halved vertical resolution, but don't let that stop you, it's not as bad as it sound).

Running 3 of them (3D Vision + 3D Surround) may be a bit taxing on the 580 SLI though (fine with either one or the other)... so you may need to turn some process-heavy effecty stuff down a bit for fully smooth 3D Vision + 3D surround.

I personally have some eye-strain problems with the shutter glasses from nVidia (not to mention they are not cheap...), and prefer Passive 3D after shopping around. That said, outside of the eye-strain thing, the visual quality and the "POP" of the shutter glasses are definitely better, no question about it.

I just think I personally can't play games for any extended amount of time using shutter glasses.

Just a thought hehe...

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