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 Post subject: Please Help - Viewsonic PJD5523w
PostPosted: 24 Jan 2014, 12:59 

24 Jan 2014, 11:47
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Hi, I don't have a lot of spare cash, but thought I got a bargain when I purchased a Viewsonic PJD5523w from eBay for £117, but I have been having problems getting the perfect 3D solution, so would like a little advice.

This is going to be a long post, sorry, but I'm better off telling you exactly what I have done : -
I started out with my GeForce GTX660 SC graphics card and purchased some DLP-Link glasses, tried the emitter emulator, numerous combinations of drivers and then gave up realising that they had completely patched it out, IZ3D worked to a point, but would eventually loose sync and start switching eyes randomly. I could however get 3D movies playing fine through Stereoscopic player.

To get 3D working in the short term I switched cards with my pc upstairs, which was running a Radeon 6850, all was good, I could play games using Tridef or IZ3D, Tridef producing better results in my opinion and certainly better frame rates, everything worked fine apart from the fact that some games had bad shadows/2D cursors etc etc. But for the most part fine, and also running 3D at 1280x800.

Reading up on the 3D vision Helix mod game fixes, and knowing how much more powerful the GeForce was, I kept an eye on eBay until I found a 3D vision kit at the right price, I purchased one that arrived a couple of weeks back but has hardly had any use thus far.

I think it is important to note at this point that I am using HDMI, the picture quality is far superior to the VGA.

I reinstalled the GeForce and connected 3D vision, as expected, it complained that I didn’t have a certified monitor. I followed some instructions on creating my own EDID override to make it a VSC2725 (PJD6531w), see link below, but as noted by mcissle, that didn’t work.


I then installed the PJD6553w-as-PJD6351w.inf (also mentioned on the above page), that worked to a fashion, but it would only support 3D at 720p or below, which is fine but the colours are off and the picture isn’t as sharp, and I can’t live with that, also, I could not switch to DLP-Link mode, only 3D vision glasses would work, so I had a play with various games then I uninstalled the inf and rebooted.

Closer inspection of the inf that worked shows that it is setting the signal to analog, and the timings are likely to be off with it being a different model, so how do I get the override to work with my timings and using a digital signal ?

I have tried various tutorials from numerous websites, and different software such as Phoenix EDID Studio, direct registry edits/additions and have yet to find a solution, please can you help ?

Thank you


On a side note, I also found a lot of games did not work anywhere near as well using 3D Vision, Tridef seemed to work better, especially DX11 games and with better frame rates. I did manage to get Tridef to work with 3D vision enabled, but not too sure what was doing the rendering because the frame rate wasn’t great, and it didn’t work at all in DX11 game and some DX9 games.

Helix mod did make a lot of games run well, and it would be a shame to loose them, some I found uncomfortable to play with the ATI solution, I don’t know which is the best solution now, any ideas/suggestions ?

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