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3DTV Play on DLP projector using DLP glasses?
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Author:  Pjman [ 10 Jan 2014, 19:22 ]
Post subject:  3DTV Play on DLP projector using DLP glasses?

Hi all,

great board, great info!
However I searched as good as I could but couldn't find a direct answer to my question:

Can I use Nvidia 3DTV Play with my DLP projector (Acer H6510BD) connected to a GeForce 570 to play games in 3D without buying the Nvidia 3DVision kit?
I want to use the DLP glasses of the projector. The projector is 3DTV Play ready and can handle frame packing via HDMI.
In the setup assistant of the trial version I could only select IR device options - am I missing something?

If DLP is not an option with 3DTV Play, I will choose for TriDef, as that one works at least in SBS mode (which makes me wonder why Nvidia software shouldn't support DLP, if it's obviously possible).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Author:  Bloody [ 10 Jan 2014, 22:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3DTV Play on DLP projector using DLP glasses?

When using 3DTV Play software you essentially rely on HDMI 1.4 frame packaging and thus you cannot use the 3D Vision glasses, only the 3D glasses that are designed for the specific projector (generic DLP Link should also work), unless the projector uses RF glasses. which is not the case with the mentioned Acer model.

Getting a 3D vision kit for use with 3DTV Play is only good, because when you have the IR emitter connected to the PC you get the 3DTV Play functionality for free - no need to buy a license for it.

Author:  Pjman [ 11 Jan 2014, 17:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3DTV Play on DLP projector using DLP glasses?

Thanks for the fast and clear reaction!

What you said confirms my assumptions so far, but I can't seem to get it set up with the 3DTV Play solution. After installing the trial version I get the setup assistant which offers me 4 options:
1) USB-IR-emitter and glasses (3D Vision kit)
2) Cable-glasses (direct usb option apparently)
3) Pro Hub and glasses
4) Discover glasses (red/blue 3D)
..and that's it.
When I activate stereoscopic 3D via the Nvidia configuration panel I get forced to use the same assistant.

Maybe I'm just overlooking something, but so far I can find no option to simply send frame packed 3D out the HDMI cable (something like with TriDef, where you start Ignition and tell it which output to use).

Edit: might have to add that the 3DTV Play installer doesn't recognize my projector (says TV).

Author:  Pjman [ 13 Jan 2014, 13:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3DTV Play on DLP projector using DLP glasses?

Hey again,

I finally got it to work!

After knowing that it should work, I went ahead and reinstalled the 3DTV Play software, making sure my projector was all set for 3D, and suddenly I got the correct installation wizard.
And there you had indeed just 1 option: put your glasses on, etc.. now on to test it.

Thanks again for your support, otherwise I'd have given up already :)

Best regards,

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