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 Post subject: recommendations for projector and GPU for 2000 GBP
PostPosted: 23 Oct 2012, 16:40 

22 Oct 2012, 18:58
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I have not gamed since the original Halo; however I am building a gaming system because I want to start again. I5 3750k, haf x, water loop, vertex 4 ssd, 16GB 1866 ram…

I have a budget of ~2000 GBP for a projector and GPU. Ideally, I would like to watch movies (60 %) and game (40 %) in 3D. After reading several threads on this and other sites, I am thinking that a gtx 690 hydro copper would be much better and worth the cost compared to a gtx 680 for my purposes due to FRAPS (please correct me if i am wrong).

Can anyone recommend a projector for ~1000 GBP or less (less is better) that would allow me to watch movies in 1080p 3D and also game in 720 3D? Alternate, GPU and projector combinations are also welcome.

Some sites with projectors for sale here in the UK. I just moved to the UK from the California and am still trying to figure things out…so, thanks. ... ategory266 ... w&limit=10 ... ign=accord

 Post subject: Re: recommendations for projector and GPU for 2000 GBP
PostPosted: 28 Oct 2012, 11:27 

24 Jul 2011, 22:00
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Have you gamed in 3d before using something like a 3dtv ( not a 120hz monitor ) ?
If so are you happy with the added input lag that 3d has?

If you have and you was'nt impressed with the added 3d input lag then possibly a 1080p 3d hdmi 1.4 projector would'nt suit your gaming as they have added input lag in 3d.

I just got a Benq w710st awhile ago, love the virtually zero input lag in 3d as it has no added 3d input lag because it uses 120hz instead of 3d proccessing.

I left active 3dtv's because of the input lag in 3d makes car games very hard to race!
I left passive 3dtv's as they have too much blur/ghosting/trailing on moving objects.

I got a 120hz pj instead of a hdmi 1.4 pj for virtually zero blur, top of the class 3d xtalk performance and for zero input lag gaming, these 3 reasons trump everything, only downside it has is 720p, i much prefer to game with the 720p pj than with 3dvision 1080p/60fps, resolution means nothing when thee are bad forces at play.

So i was upgrading to a benq w7000, sadly this allso has added input lag in 3d as it uses 3d proccessing and so do all the hdmi 1.4 3d pj's but different pj's will have different input lag in 3d, some will be better than others.

I really wanted 1080p for 3d films but it's not worth it to me to have awsome 3d films but meh 3d games with 3d input lag.
You'll still be gaming at 720p 3dtvplay anyways so have a think about it.

Input lag affects us all in different ways, what bothers me won't bother somebody else ect, but i have shared the info, that's all it's about ;)

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