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Author:  JoDo [ 02 Nov 2010, 22:42 ]
Post subject:  3d website

It appears to be hard to persuade you of anything, bloody. :lol: My next suggestion involves adding an option to render this entire website or certain elements of it in 3d.

Author:  Bloody [ 02 Nov 2010, 23:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3d website

And what do you mean by that - as adding 3d-like graphic elements or render everything in stereo 3d?

Author:  JoDo [ 03 Nov 2010, 07:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3d website

I don't mean 3d-like graphics. I mean something like an option, that, when toggled, enables certain elements/graphics/features of the website to be in 'true' stereoscopic 3d that can be seen with the glasses. Unfortunately I couldn't see any way this could be done, and I don't foresee much use for it, other than that it may look cool. I don't know of any websites that do this except maybe that some that are compatible with anaglyph 3d. Do you know of any? =O It just seems like it would require something sophisticated to even be possible..

Author:  Bloody [ 03 Nov 2010, 09:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3d website

There are some with anaglyph elements, but it is hard to make it work and look good with both no glasses and with glasses.

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