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In trouble with lenticular 3d printing
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Author:  jumpjack [ 04 Sep 2013, 13:27 ]
Post subject:  In trouble with lenticular 3d printing

I bought some 75 LPI lenticular sheets, but I am not able to obtain acceptable results, both using laser and inkjet printers. Can actually laser printers be used for lenticular printing?

I printed dozens of pitch calibration test sheets; it looks my sheets are actually quite close to 75 LPI... but the 75 LPI strip does never become completely black or copletely white: instead, it is white for 2 cm, then black for 2cm, then white for 2cm and so on. All surrounding strips are even worse, being black/white bands more frequent and thinner.
What can it depend on?

Additionally, I cannot figure out how to determine which exactly is my printer resolution: manual says 600 DPI, but how can I verify if it is EXACTLY 600 DPI? Can actual resolution affect lenticular printing?

Does it exist any pitch calibration test sheet also carrying a "printer actual resolution estimation pattern"? Or a program which can create it?

Currently I'm using PitchTest for pitch calibration and StereoPhotoMaker to setup lenticular images.
Can I configure Windows Paint or Windows Image Viewer in such a way they print at actual image resolution? (i.e. 1 pixel = 1 dot).

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