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3ds native stereo 3d videos
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Author:  epic3dhdgames [ 21 Feb 2014, 21:36 ]
Post subject:  3ds native stereo 3d videos

I Have invested in a lot of equipment, to bring some of the best 3d from 3ds that are native and not conversion.
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... 0QV7cleYnp

so far I have Kingdom hearts dream drop distance and FF theatrhytm in true 3d.

These are native 3d, captured from 3ds XL Capture Card support red cyan and html5.
ENJOY download 3d files from youtube with downloaders example.
keepvid and play them on your 3D HDTV or Compatible 3D PC.

edit (click on .mp4 HD 3D) when downloading from keepvid

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