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stereo 3D not native(conver)game play, what do you all think
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Author:  EWGFx3D [ 13 Nov 2013, 06:21 ]
Post subject:  stereo 3D not native(conver)game play, what do you all think

I would like to share these stereoscopic
nvidia 3d vision gameplay videos not native.
I converted them and manually minor adjusted them.
Hope you like it
and P.S. Google Is a lame duck idiot as they
have broken everyones hd html5 except 360p
but 360p still comes out real good.
Just wish They bring back hd html5 on stereoscopic videos.
as of right now i visited a majority and
they all have 360p only, not even HD option appears, but it would appear after I upload, 720p
but only to disappear.

Give some time for google to translate html5
OH and I upload in webm so the format is all correct.

kingdom hearts 2 Final Mix stereoscopic vids

kh 2 limits special character final mix stereoscopic 3D

vs Lexaeus kh 2 stereoscopic 3d

kh pain and panic cup stereoscopic 3d

And Yes we did use CB against Lexaus But some others wont have inf hp.

Would like some feedback, how the vids came out to you all.

Hee is vs larxene and vs vexen great with html5 3d, and no inf hp used.
vs Larxene critical mode

vs vexen critical mode

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