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 Post subject: Porting 3d movies to play on a fuji w3 for 3d on the go!
PostPosted: 05 Nov 2010, 18:48 

05 Nov 2010, 18:24
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I think I have most things figured out.
I have picked Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as my 1st movie i converted.
I converted the side by side 1080p .mkv version it to 6 15min clips.
With total-video-converter.

I used total-video-converter
Converted to
Xvid 1280 X 720p
24 fps,
Original bitrate.
Pcm s16le

The output of the file above cannot be larger than 2GB,
The VFW framework limit SMM was created with prevents stereo movie maker from using a file over 2GB. My guess the max length would be about 30-35 min of 1280 X 720p video.

stereo movie maker v120d with ffmpeg.exe for audio conversion in the same folder as SMM.
open stereo movie select the xvid avi.
Select input stereo movie type side-by-side(50%)
Once the file is open you may need to swap it.
If so go to View, the click swap left/right.

If the video needs to be swapped and you did not the 3d effect will not work when viewing the camera screen straight on, and you will have to tilt it to the left or right.

Then save as 3d-avi file.
Image quality 40%
Since it’s a small screen it looks good to me.
Save on some space.

After I was done converting the 6 15min clips each was about 2GB 11+GB total.

one problem i have is 2 clips give a read error around 4-5 min in.
the other 4 work great for the full 15min.

I tried reconverting from the source and two different sd cards still no luck.
I can use MyFinePix to remove the section at the read error.
Id like to fine the true fix, not sure if the bit rate of the sound and or the video or something like that is causing the issue.....

Before converting any long video file I recommend converting a 5 sec video sample to find any issues.

You may need to swap left/right. The 3d sweet spot will be off and not center, sample will help with this, so far it's about 50/50 for me.

Your input fill into stereo movie maker v120d can't be larger than 2GB.

Upgrade MyFinePix Studio to ver.2.0 For Windows 7 / Vista / XP,
It has some nice options to cut or connect 3d fuji movies. Original or converted from SMM. You can also run a full file through the cut option to fix some corruption.

Recommended software and links

Home site for Stereo movie maker V1.20. I will post a link to for v1.20d if it's ok with the original creator.

total-video-converter not free but very easy to use.

MyFinePix Studio ver.2.0

nice site for 3d samples.

My next project is to create a cable for headphones so I can watch movies when I travel.
The AV-C1 is the official av/usb cable.

I have the cable but when i plug it in to the w3 the screen goes black...
I ll have to see if there is a pin i can pull from the cable to prevent this

A pinout of the av/usb port would be great, id love the service manual for the w3.
maybe it support stereo?

 Post subject: Re: Porting 3d movies to play on a fuji w3 for 3d on the go!
PostPosted: 05 Nov 2010, 20:18 
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29 Apr 2010, 17:51
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Thanks for sharing this guide.

Have you tried outputting and playing 3d videos with a lower resolution than 1280x720, as I don't think that the actual resolution of the autostereoscopic screen of the Fuji W3 is that big? I suppose something like 840x480 or 960x540, although the camera might as well refuse to play them if they are at lower resolution. Getting the video into the native screen resolution may help get better quality and save on the space required for a full movie... ;)

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 Post subject: Re: Porting 3d movies to play on a fuji w3 for 3d on the go!
PostPosted: 05 Nov 2010, 20:37 

05 Nov 2010, 18:24
Posts: 6
Your welcome,
I thought about that, but i did not see a way to keep a 16:9 ratio in stereo movie maker.

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