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Conversion: Left-Right (SBS) to S3D
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Author:  tttg1 [ 04 Nov 2011, 13:22 ]
Post subject:  Conversion: Left-Right (SBS) to S3D

Hi 3D Vision members,

im looking for a (easy) way to convert side by side (or left-right) 3d mkvs to stereoscopic 3D. The reason behind that is, that my LG-W2363D is able to present stereoscopic 3D material, but not side-by-side or any other 3D types. Im not into writing scripts at all yet, so any way to get arround learning that would be much appreciated. Nontheless, would I certainly read about the whole virtualdub scripting thing, if that would be necessary to get it done.
Im using the display together with the NVidia 3DVision Kit.

Thanks for any help,


Author:  Bloody [ 04 Nov 2011, 21:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Conversion: Left-Right (SBS) to S3D

With the LG W2363D 3D monitor and 3D Vision glasses you should be able to play just fine Side by Side 3D videos by using the 3D Vision Video Player, no need to convert them. But if you are not able to, what exactly is the problem you are having, so that you cannot play them? Also I did not understand in what kind of format you want to convert the Side by Side 3D clips into?

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