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Using HR274H inf to enable 3D, but cannot 7.1 audio yet
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Author:  eghost355 [ 28 Jan 2014, 06:19 ]
Post subject:  Using HR274H inf to enable 3D, but cannot 7.1 audio yet

Hi all fellow in here,

I've got a problem and need your advise! I was using the modified HR274H from here to get my Skyworth 42K08RD to work with 3D Vision and it was simply great! However recently I got a very cheap AV receiver (Philips HTR5224/12) that can accept HDMI input with 7.1 LPCM audio. I connected my GTX470 to the AV receiver then AV receiver output to Skyworth 3D TV. In Windows 7 audio settings, it recognizes the AV receiver as "Philips's Speaker" (something like that) that supports 8 channels of audio. But at the same time 3D Vision will be disabled as not supported device was detected. Once I re-apply the HR274H inf onto Win7 then 3D Vision works but "max number of audio channels" turned to 2 only. Is there anyway I can enable both at the same time?

Please kindly advise. Can I further modify the HR274H inf to get both enabled together? Many thanks!!!

Best regards,

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