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Author:  helifax [ 28 May 2013, 04:55 ]
Post subject:  3D Vision Surround Video Gallery

Hello all,

Somehow I forgot to come here and let you know of one of my latest projects.
So here it goes:
3D Surround Gaming Video Gallery:

... Because of the lack of content !

There isn't any website to stream 3D Videos in Surround resolutions...That's right!!! SURROUND resolutions in stereoscopic 3D,
mainly since it is considered a "niche" market and it also requires a lot of storage space to "hold" a video.

For the last couple of weeks I have tried everything:
- YouTube support 3D Videos up to 720p in Full resolution Stereo3D.
- YouTube's re-encoding sometimes provides poor results.
- YouTube cannot process resolutions higher than 4096 and therefore no 3D Surround.
- 3DVisionLive offers support for maximum 1Gb filesize, 5 minutes length and the usual 720p resolution.
- I have tried a couple of other websites with no success to load and view even a single monitor 3D Video.

so...if you feel like it;)) check it out and let me know what are your impressions, what you like, what you dislike etc:)
Any feedback is welcome;))

Best Regards,

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