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Dead Rising 2 unplayable in 3d
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Author:  rogermorse [ 26 Dec 2012, 12:35 ]
Post subject:  Dead Rising 2 unplayable in 3d

I googled a lot and found no solution. Also all the threads concerning 3d experience end up off topic talking about what configuration one has, and how 3d has no purpose in gaming and bla bla bla I don't need that.

The problem is that the game is not playable in 3d when zombies are on the screen. Graphic settings don't have to do anything with it because even on lowest settings, framerate drops. It is not a hardware problem...game in 2d runs at steady 60. Running on i5 overclocked at 4.3 GHz and a GTX 570.

Also the game looks nice in 3d and runs at 60fps whenever the screen IS NOT filled with zombies. As soon as you enter a room with zombies, it becomes unplayable.

Other people had this problems years ago, so it's something it has not been fixed....and the game is rated 3d vision ready -_-

Solutions? Fixes?

I bought and installed the game exactly only to play it in 3d.......

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