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 Post subject: Diablo III 3dvision + multi Monitor FIX! @ wsgf
PostPosted: 19 May 2012, 06:57 

28 Sep 2011, 11:17
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Diablo III nativly supports multi monitor gameplay with it's windowed fullscreen option. However many enthusiasts had a depressing climax during the beta upon discovering that 3dvision did not work in this mode! At times multi-monitor has offscreen artifacts ( seemed less prevelant somehow during the Beta? ) But at times the experience with multi-monitor configuration is quite EPIC! Actually the most important UI elements are centered and the off centered UI elements sort of make sense to me at least.. fer instance the Map in diablo 2 was annoying to me and I appreciate it now in the right monitor and can easily refer to the map with the center screen "TAB" toggle! Likewise "the Chat" window is another gui that would get on my nerves quick if centered.
Fair or unfair it is actually possible to target somewhat into the next monitor's space with missile attacks ( but this might be an illusion of the bevelspace? )

Though I am sure personal opinion will wildly differ...
To my eye Diablo III represents my best 3d experience to date!
I find when convergence is saved with the cursor locked to the screens plane. My preference for exagerated convergence effects are not hurt at all!
Coincedently I can then "MAX" the depth setting for best exxagerated 3d experience without hardly any doubling of foreground elements ( the way cliffs etc.. in Starcraft double in vision when a good exagerated convergen/depth setting was attempted )
Deep into the final game I seem to remember the Beta to be even tighter without any doubling but that may be because I did not have the multi monitor "fix".
From our good neighbors at the WSGF forums... whose treasure trove of developers certainly deserve thje suggested donations ( although all their fixes are free! )

And how does Blizzard reward such enthusiastic support from the most enthusiastic members ( who according to the latest Jon Pedie Reports: support a far greater $$$ dollar amount than the myth of the mainstream user! )

Hopefully they will start to take the enthusiast market seriously.

Link to the WSGF fix: ( note: you apply the widescreen fixer in fullscreen mode not fullscreen windowed to get 3dvision and multi-monitor! )

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