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Stereoscopic 3D CAVE environment with 3D vision technology
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Author:  Nicola87 [ 15 Oct 2012, 23:07 ]
Post subject:  Stereoscopic 3D CAVE environment with 3D vision technology

Now that Nvidia added support for Quad-Display on the new k5000 Quadro graphic card (and i hope also to those Kepler's that are still to come) i'm trying to figure out how to build a stereoscopic 3D CAVE projected system that uses NVidia 3D Vision Surround tech with both Direct 3D and OpenGL applications.

On the Nvidia web site you can find out (about k5000 Quadro graphic card):

Quad-Display Support in the All-new display engine drives up to four displays simultaneously and fully supports the next generation Display Port 1.2 standard capable of resolutions such as 3840x2160 @60Hz, making it easy to deploy multiple displays across a desktop, build an expansive digital signage wall, or create a sophisticated stereoscopic 3D CAVE environment.


Anyway, i'm not getting how i'm supposed to connect the graphic card to 3 (or even 4!) 3D Vision Ready projectors, as, for what i see, they all have VGA and/or HDMI inputs. I'm aware there's no DVI-1080p 3D Vision Ready projector on the market till now, and i can live whit that, but i thought there should be at least one DVI-720p (or about that) projector available! I'm also aware of the fact i can adapt a DVI-I to VGA with a standard adapter and that should work fine with 3D Vision. But what about the Display Ports on the graphic card? Not to talk about the DVI-D which seems really useless whit 3D Vision Ready projectors...

So, i'm stocked here thinking about a solution, because if they say you can build a stereoscopic 3D CAVE environment i guess there's a way to do that...

Any ideas?



Author:  Nicola87 [ 17 Oct 2012, 23:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereoscopic 3D CAVE environment with 3D vision technolo

Got some news from NVidia support...it seems i can adapt either DVD-I or DP to VGA or HDMI and get my "generic" projected surround config to work.

mmmh...i'm not so confident, even if it's 720p...

Anyway NVidia costumer support said that "3D Vision surround is not supported on Quadro cards" that's why i say "generic". I'm wondering what that means...is he referring to the fact that the "brand" 3D Vision Surround is valid only for GeForce cards? Is this just a commercial distinction or there's some problem running Direct3D applications in full screen mode with Quadro cards whith a S3D surround config??

Author:  Bloody [ 30 Oct 2012, 16:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereoscopic 3D CAVE environment with 3D vision technolo

Probably a driver limitation as with the more recent Quadro cards you can run either QB OpenGL or Direct3D 3D Vision mode, so if they do not work in 3D Vision Surround it should just be some sort of a driver limitation and not a hardware one...

Author:  Nicola87 [ 30 Oct 2012, 16:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereoscopic 3D CAVE environment with 3D vision technolo

I think he was referring to the fact that 3D Vision Surround is a brand dedicated to GeForce cards.
Anyway, he said there should be no problem running Direct3D games in S3D Surround mode with Quadro cards.
So, it's 3D Vision Surround, but you can't call it 3D Vision Surround... :?

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