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You can use this form below get in contact with the author of this blog, with some interesting information, your questions or just about anything else that is related to stereo 3D technologies, products or services and you think it is something worth mentioning about here on the blog.

I can also try to help if you are having a problem with your stereoscopic 3D setup or have a related question, but in order to be able to give you the best advice please be as descriptive as possible when explaining the situation you are having. And please do write in English as although I may be good with stereoscopic 3D technologies, I may not be that good with the traditional language you may be speaking … ;)

You are also welcome to share interesting information or seek help here in the dedicated stereoscopic 3D forum, where you may also find useful topics and advice as well as meet with other fellow stereoscopic 3D gamers, 3D photographers or just stereo 3D enthusiasts similar to yourself.

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