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Transporter3D to Provide 3D Camera FPV with Oculus Rift Support

November 22nd, 2013 · 1 Comment · General 3D News


A Canadian company called EMR Laboratories that has developed a stereoscopic 3D camera for use for FPV flying with remote controlled planes and helicopters a few years ago, the product is called 3D Cam FPV, has recently finished the crowdfunding effort for their new product called Transporter3D. This device consists of an improved version of their original 3D Cam FPV for the capture of both 2D and 3D video with interaxial distance of the two camera lenses the same as the normal human inter-ocular distance to generate a realistic 3D experience. This camera is placed on a remote controlled plane, helicopter or a quadcopter, though other RC vehicles are Ok as well and the video feed can be transmitted via a wireless link to the Transporter3D processing board that can process and output the video in a format that can be viewed directly on the Oculus Rift. This way the Transporter3D should be able to provide one of the most realistic FPV experiences for use with remote controlled models as commapred to other FPV solutions already available.

The backers of the Transporter3D’s indiegogo campaign should start receiving their units in December and probably early next year we are going to see the product also available for purchase. The price for backers of the project for a Transporter3D was $599 CAD and for the 3D-Cam module $299 CAD, but this does not include a Rift and a wireless video transmission solution, so for the complete solution you are looking for something that will cost you about $1500 USD.

Transporter3D page on EMR Laboratories’s website…
For more information about the Transporter3D project on indiegogo…

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EIZO Foris FG2421 is a 120Hz VA-type LCD Gaming Monitor

November 10th, 2013 · 5 Comments · General 3D News


Up until recently all 120Hz+ LCD monitor intended for gaming (regardless if for stereo 3D use or not) were using TN-based LCD panels due to the fact that this technology provides the best results in terms of pixel response and that is something you need if you want to have a higher refresh rate. TN LCD panels may be the fastest in terms of response, however they have other no so good aspects when compared to VA-based and IPS-based panels, but fortunately we now have what seems to be the first gaming oriented 120Hz LCD monitor with a VA-based panel from Eizo (it does not support stereoscopic 3D!). If you are not familiar with the name Eizo it is probably because up until recently the company was focused on professional monitors and it just recently started making monitors targeted at gamers.


EIZO Foris FG2421 is actually is not their first gaming monitor, but is the first one that is able to work at 120Hz refresh rate and as already mentioned it is nt with a TN panel. Eizo markets this monitor as a 240Hz gaming monitor, however this can be a bit misleading if you don’t read the details, in fact it is a 120Hz monitor that has a built-in processing to simulate 240Hz. Eizo calls this function “Turbo 240” and you can enable or disable it from the OSD menu of the monitor, what it does is doubling the frames (not interpolating, but doubling) and strobing the backlight in between them and the end result is a significant reduction in motion blur. This is pretty similar to how the 3D Lightboost technology on more recent 3D Vision-compatible monitors functions, although there is no frame doubling with them. Definitely an interesting thing to see as this Eizo monitor can turn out to be a great alternative to buying a 3D Vision-ready monitor that you may not use in stereo 3D mode at all, especially considering the fact that there are no other 120Hz displays out there that use better LCD panels than TN, so if you are not into 3D and hacking Lightboost to work in 2D mode you might want to check the EIZO Foris FG2421 out. Eizo also promises low input lag (less than 10ms) and no noticeable flickering with reduced brightness by using DC control and high rate PWM (Hi-PWM) control for driving the backlight instead just PWM.

For more information about the EIZO Foris FG2421 gaming monitors…
Additional information about how the Turbo 240 function works (PDF)…

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MTBS3D.COM is Currently Down Due to Technical Issues

November 8th, 2013 · No Comments · General 3D News


It seems that our friends at mtbs3D.com are currently experiencing some technical issues with the hardware in the server hosting the website, so the site is currently down, but hopefully it will soon be back online. Below you can read the official announcement about the problem from Neil Schneider posted on the MTBS3D Facebook page:

Hi Guys!

MTBS has been down because we had an absolutely HORRIBLE server crash. Despite making backups, this would have been very damaging especially since we’ve been making new service updates for the site that hadn’t been mirrored yet.

Fortunately, the hard drive was mirrored by RAID, and we are taking steps to get things back to normal. Don’t forget about us in our absence. I don’t have an ETA yet – we’ve never dealt with something this severe before…but we are on the case!


Update: MTBS3D.com was back online for a bit, and then back offline unfortunately due another problem.

You can follow the MTBS3D Facebook page for more updates on the status…

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