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Electronic Arts Senior Art Director has Joined S3DGA

August 28th, 2009 · No Comments · General 3D News


Great news for the S3D community as the S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA) gains more and more members and attention not only from the gaming industry, and this is happening unexpectedly fast. It seems what began as a surprise announcement at SIGGRAPH 2009 has quickly become an industry-wide movement to ensure the adoption of stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) gaming in consumer homes around the world.

The association is very honored to announce that Habib Zargarpour, as a representative of Electronic Arts (EA), has joined S3DGA’s advisory board. As demonstrated at SIGGRAPH, game developers want to see industry-wide support for stereoscopic 3D gaming, and this is the first of many steps towards this goal.

As a Senior Art Director for “Need for Speed,” Habib Zargarpour’s game development credits also include “Need for Speed: Most Wanted,” “James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing,” and “Need for Speed Underground.” His diverse film background includes work with IMAX 3D, and a whole range of visual effects work for projects such as “Star Wars: Phantom Menace,” “The Perfect Storm,” “Twister,” “Star Trek: First Contact,” “The Mask,” and several more memorable films.

“When I saw ‘Need for Speed SHIFT’ in stereoscopic 3D at SIGGRAPH, I was impressed. The audience was blown away by how well ‘SHIFT’s’ immersive cockpit was represented by the 3D tech, and we see a great future for S-3D in games. We need an industry-wide standard for S-3D gaming, and S3DGA has the drive and experience to push this forward. All developers and manufacturers should participate,” said Habib Zargarpour, Senior Art Director for Electronic Arts Inc.

We, the S3D enthusiasts all hope that other big gaming and hardware companies will also join the alliance and start paying more and more attention to the S3D community, finally delivering we’ve all been waiting for in years – a true and as realistic as possible Stereoscopic 3D Experience … ;)

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DepthQ s3D Flash WebPlayer

August 18th, 2009 · 4 Comments · General 3D News


The company Lightspeed Design started showcasing their new DepthQ s3D WebPlayer that can allow the easy streaming of SD and HD video online over your web browser with very good quality and results. The s3D WebPlayer is using Flash technology to deliver the anaglyph content the the demo videos are looking very good even when looked with not so fancy Stereo 3D technology such as the quite popular and very affordable anaglyph one. You just need a pair of normal paper anaglyph glasses (red/cyan filters) and an up to date version of the flash player installed for the browser you are currently using and you are ready to watch high quality anaglyph stereo videos without having to cope up with the normal compression artifacts you normally see when streaming this type of videos. At the moment you can only see example video with the DepthQ s3D Flash WebPlayer streamed from their website and the video actually has quite nice color reproduction that you don’t normally expect when watching stereo anaglyph videos. This is done thanks to the specially optimized anaglyph mode that the company is using instead of the normal mode, when colors are not so easily percepted and the videos usually don’t have very good colors.

For more information and a demo of DepthQ s3D Flash WebPlayer…

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The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA)

August 14th, 2009 · No Comments · General 3D News


Now this is something new that I’ve just learned about and it seems that actually the S3DGA was formed quite recently too, so that is why I haven’t heard of it yet, but probably the same goes for you too, so here is a bit more information about the The S-3D Gaming Alliance.

According to the U-DECIDE Initiative, a well received study of modern gamers, 93% of survey respondents want to see game developers support stereoscopic 3D technology. The industry’s answer is to start development of The S-3D Gaming Alliance, an organization that is 100% focused on making stereoscopic 3D gaming possible through standards, education, and product adoption.

The S-3D Gaming Alliance or S3DGA in short, is a 3D gaming and entertainment industry standards and advocacy group charted to accelerate the adoption of 3D gaming and display technology by providing for standards discussions, consumer promotion, education, and awareness. Membership in the alliance is comprised of organizations and individuals with an interest in developing 3D solutions.

Some of S3DGA’s founding companies include Blitz Games Studios, DDD, iZ3D, Jon Peddie Research, TDVision Corp, XpanD, and more. The President and CEO of S3DGA will be Neil Schneider, best known for his pioneering work on Meant to be Seen, the world’s leading website focused on stereoscopic 3D gaming and entertainment.

High immersion S-3D gaming experiences include explosions that pop out of the screen and a sense of depth so real that players think they can place their hands inside the display. S-3D technology is growing popular in the home with products like LCD shutter glasses, 3D monitors, and several new and developing 3D HDTV and projection solutions.

The effect of a standards group such as S3DGA is to accelerate the adoption of technology by presenting a forum for members to express, test, and agree on ideas and approaches to educating consumers. And I should add that we definitely needed an organization like that to help push things a bit more in the field of Stereoscopic 3D gaming, so that more and more people and companies will start taking interest in it… ;)

To the official S-3D Gaming Alliance website for more information…

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