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Street Dance 3D DVD in UK, but With the Wrong Anaglyph Glasses

October 3rd, 2010 · 17 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses

The movie Street Dance 3D is available in UK with anaglyph 3D version, however they’ve mxed up things a bit as reported by Gareth from Stereo3D.co.uk who bought the movie and discovered with a surprise that the video is encoded for red-green anaglyph glasses, but the bundled pair of paper anaglyph glasses is red-cyan. This comes as quite a surprise, considering the fact that the anaglyph glasses are branded for the movie and are packed inside the DVD, so the mistake is not made by the retailer, but most likely is coming from the DVD packaging company that put the glasses for the movie using the wrong color filters. It may come as a surprise to them but not all 3D is equal, and not all anaglyph 3D is the same – there are multiple formats and solutions and you should be very careful not to mix up things like that, because nobody will be happy when the 3D does not work as it is supposed to. And if the 3D does not work because of such mistake and the user is not aware of where the problem comes from, he might as well get bad opinion about the 3D in general… although anaglyph 3D is not the best form of 3D it is still the most widely usable and affordable at least when you match the right color filter for the glasses with the content encoded with the right anaglyph format. This might be just an issue with the UK 3D anaglyph release of the movie, but the problem might as well be bigger, so if you’ve got the movie and have the same problem please do report it here…

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3D Drawing Pad is a Very Simple, but Ingenious Product For Kids

July 21st, 2010 · 4 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses

The 3D Drawing Pad is intended as a fun product for kids that relies on very simple, but effective idea to get the kids attention and interest in 3D technology and make them want to learn more about it. What you get is a 50 sheets of paper attached to a pad with each sheet having a red-cyan background image printed and a pair of red-cyan paper anaglyph glasses. Then when you write or draw something over the paper with a black pen it looks like a normal note on a paper, but when you put on the anaglyph glasses the text you’ve written seems to pop-out of the paper. The reason for that is that the printed red-cyan background on each sheet of the pad when viewed with the glasses seem to go inside of the paper and the text seems to stick out from it. As I’ve aid pretty simple concept, but making it interesting enough for smaller kids and you can use the 3D Drawing Pad as a means to get their attention to 3D and how everything works…

The 3D Drawing Pad is currently available at Amazon for $6.95 USD…

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Trying Anaglyph Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on your Laptop

February 3rd, 2010 · 5 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses


The usage of Anaglyph method for viewing stereoscopic 3D is still by far the easiest way to get a glimpse of what is possible in the world of S3D and what you can expect from a better solution. Of course there are some issues associated with the anaglyph method like problems with color reproduction or you getting tired even after a little use of the red-cyan or other color filters. But still having in mind that you can try it without the need for special display, glasses or even software that you have to pay is just enough for a lot of people to want to try that first and then go with solutions like 3D Vision, iZ3D Monitors, Zalman Trimon and others that require a serious investment in hardware and not only for the 3D setup itself, but also for the PC that will be able to handle the 3D content good enough. So lets get to the point how you can test anaglyph stereo 3D gaming on your mobile computer in particular, but the same solutions will also work on a desktop PC…


If your laptop has an Nvidia-based GPU inside (GeForce 8xxx or later mobile graphics) you can go for the 3D Vision drivers and use their free anaglyph mode called 3D Vision Discover with any pair of plain red-cyan anaglyph glasses paper or plastic. Or it was working without problems for the 3D Vision Drivers up to version 190.38, as with the later 191.xx (if I remember correctly) up to the latest ones you will get the error above when trying to enable the Stereoscopic 3D mode from the control panel. It seems that when you run any newer 3D Vision drivers they try to find a compatible 120Hz LCD panel in your laptop and if they don’t you are out of luck and cannot even enable the 3D Vision Discover mode to try out the anaglyph mode. It is still weird why Nvidia did not do anything about his issue since it has been around for some time already, or maybe they are simply ignoring all the owners of gaming laptops since there is still no official 3D Vision support for mobile systems with external monitor (with shutter glasses and 120Hz LCD). If you are a lucky owner of Asus G51J 3D laptop – the only one so far with a 120Hz panel you are Ok and you probably should not have any problems running the 3D Vision Discover anaglyph mode too, but why would you do it on this laptop anyway? Still with a modified drivers and and external 120Hz LCD monitor you can run both anaglyph and shutter glasses mode with the 3D vision driver. At least running the anaglyph mode on your desktop PC does not bring any issues, but still if you don’t yet have the shutter glasses you cannot even try the anaglyph mode on your laptop, why?


Anyway, the good news is that there are alternatives for laptop owners that still want to try the free anaglyph mode and that is to use the iZ3D Driver that does support Anaglyph and a few other stereo 3d viewing methods apart for the specific mode used for their own stereoscopic 3D displays. Another good thing about the use of this driver is that it will work not only on Nvidia-based hardware (including pre-stream processors architecture GPUs), but also on ATI-based video cards. The only drawback here is that the iZ3D Driver still does not support DirectX 10 games, unlike the Nvidia solution, although the company seems to be working on adding it for some time now. So if you have a laptop and you want to try out stereoscopic 3D gaming on it with anaglyph mode you should definitely download and try the iZ3D Driver.

To download the iZ3D Driver with free Stereoscopic 3D anaglyph mode…

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