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Unigine is a Real-time 3D Engine with Stereoscopic 3D Support

December 23rd, 2009 · 1 Comment · Other S3D Tech


Unigine is an interesting cross-platform real-time 3D engine that got quite the attention lately, because of its DX11 support and impressive looking benchmarks being released, that were based on the engine. The Unigine engine contains photo-realistic 3D render, powerful physics module, object-oriented scripting system with a very rich library, full-featured GUI module, sound subsystem, and a set of flexible tools. Efficient and well-architected framework supporting multi-core CPUs and latest graphics technologies makes Unigine a highly scalable solution, on which multi-platform games of different genres can be based. But one of the most interesting features of this engine (usable not only for games) is that it offers native support of stereo 3D devices, so I had to see it in action running on a system equipped with 3D Vision…


So I’ve downloaded the latest Heaven Benchmark that is based on this engine and ran it with 3D Vision to see how well it performs in S3D mode. What I can say is that the benchmark is quite heavy, especially when you activate the stereoscopic 3D mode, but the results are very good. One thing that you’d probably want to disable from the settings are the occlusions, because they may create some weird looking effects at times, otherwise things are quite Ok. You’ll have to stick to the lowest depth level with the default convergence, which provides good enough results with barely visible ghosting on some far away objects. Increasing the depth may lead to more visible ghosting and some objects like lights being misplaced in S3D mode, but you can as well play with convergence (careful with F6, it is mapped in the benchmark). Anyway, the Unigine engine really seems to be quite well designed with stereoscopic 3D support in mind, now what we need is for game developers to start taking advantage of it…

Download the free Unigine-based Heaven Benchmark demo…

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  • 1 David // Dec 29, 2009 at 04:26

    I was a bit underwhelmed by how this looks in 3D. As in – a fair bit of ghosting in the distance, although that is mostly due to the ‘big bright blue sky” effect prevalent in most engines displaying ghosting. I found I preferred how it all looked in 2D, and I’m wondering if the creators of the engine meant “3D engine” but not in the literal 3D sense? If you know what I mean.

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