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Steam with New VR Support Category for Oculus Rift Enabled Games

December 28th, 2013 · 1 Comment · 3D / AR / VR / HMD


It seems that Steam has added a category in their search that allows you to easily see what games are available in the platform that have support for the Oculus Rift 3D VR HMD and even though the category is called VR Support it essentially means Oculus Rift support for now. And while we may see other games supporting different VR platforms as they become available in the future, at the moment Steam has listed 14 titles in the VR Support category though the number of games is actually a bit different. You can see the list if you open the search on Steam and go to the advanced search where you have the option to select category and at the bottom of the category list you will see the new VR Support category.

We mentioned 14 titles available under the VR Support category, but the number is actually a bit different as the list includes Team Fortress 2 two times and it is also included in the Valve Complete pack where other Valve games with Oculus Rift support are only available. The game Strike Suit Zero is also available as a standalone in the list as well as in the form of a pack Strike Suit Zero Mega Bundle that includes some extra features. There is also the game Estranged: Act I that is not yet available, but should come out next month that is listed in the VR Support category.

For the full list of games currently listed in the VR Support category on Steam…

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  • 1 eqzitara // Dec 30, 2013 at 05:51

    This is something I REEAAALLLY dislike. I guess props to them for getting the press.. it’s part of the direction I really dislike.
    Even nvidia has categories for “support”.. most of us ignore everything under excellent [for good reason] but its there and its some form of quality control.
    Your effectively putting games in 2 categories. Supported / Not. TBH, half the major non-source games have terrible support “ATM”. Games like Strike Suit Zero / Hawken [Some people say its good…. you have no hud, its basically a tech demo]. Are on the same level as games like Source Engine games like Half life which have fantastic implementation.
    I guess the problem is that they rely on developers/word of mouth but they need to work something out or minimum effort is what they will get. Should make a stamp for oculus approved or something [equivalent of 3d vision ready].

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