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IMMERSIX Motion Sensing Gaming Can Be Great in Stereo 3D

September 20th, 2013 · 4 Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD

Here is something that looks very promising and might be able to provide good virtual reality-like gaming experience when playing video games on larger displays such as an HDTV or a projector, especially for FPS games. And although it is not specifically designed for stereo 3D support, it could turn out to be a great addition to a 3D HDTV, by making the experience even more immersive. What the company called IMMERSIX is offering is a solution providing immersive experience with 6 degrees of freedom by being able to track independently markers on your gun and your head movement and this translates into realistic motion inside the game world. What makes this seem very realistic is the use of a phenomenon called moving parallax to render the virtual game world in a way that creates a more realistic feeling of depth even when you are using a 2D display devices.

IMMERSIX claims that they already have plugins for several game engines in order for game developers to quickly implement the required support, however the problem is the hardware that will provide the tracking – the infrared camera along with the gun and glasses with IR markers (passive or active markers?) that will be providing the tracking. The company developing this does not provide much information besides the embedded promo video above, but I get the impression that they are more of a software development company looking to license their technology to hardware manufacturers and this will make it harder for game developers to be convinced to add support. On the other hand if you are a user that is interested in taking advantage of this technology, before buying the hardware you would want to see some good games that are able to support it well. So, IMMERSIX development kits anyone? Anyway this does look promising and is worth keeping a track on their development if you find it interesting.

For more information about the IMMERSIX Motion Sensing Gaming Technology…

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  • 1 Ron Sokolovsky // Sep 20, 2013 at 20:27

    Thanks for the feedback, and cool blog !
    Our demo actually does support 3D stereoscopic vision, but it does not film well. It really enhances the realism and depth perception, more than we anticipated.
    As for markers – we tried both passive and active, and decide that active markers (IR LEDs) are better:
    1. For dealing with room lighting conditions
    2. Larger range (R^2 instead of R^4 propagation).
    3. More robust – the passive markers wears down with usage.
    We hope to have good news on supported games in the next couple of months.
    Cheers !

  • 2 Bloody // Sep 20, 2013 at 22:22

    Thanks for the extra details, it would be great to see the technology available on the market in the form of a consumer product.

    Active markers can go well with a pair of active 3D glasses and an universal model such as the ones made by Xpand could be perfect for providing wider support for different active 3D HDTVs. However “the easier” passive 3D glasses would be a bit of a problem with the use of active markers as they will need a power source.

  • 3 Jackson // Sep 23, 2013 at 14:20

    Imagine playing this with the latest Battlefield 4 game, you’d be exhausted, but great fun.

  • 4 quadrophoeniX // Oct 14, 2013 at 15:44

    Very much like what Johnny Chung Lee demonstrated in late 2007. This time however within actual gaming engines and the possibility to become reality.
    This said, I could see that an instant hit if that was a separately purchasable item not a license model.
    The latter would require programmers to include that plug-in into their engine/game which will be a challenge to achieve considering it’s still a niche product. If it was based on an engine independent layer, where you render the game (or any content) with overdraw on a virtual display with slightly higher resolution than the physical monitor and have an interactice calibration algorithm that compensates for screen size and distance, Immersix could reach the market directly with active or passive products (like Track IR) and software licensing models.
    So, go for it, Immersix!

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