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TriDef 3D Media Player for Video Playback and 2D to 3D Conversion

December 16th, 2009 · 10 Comments · Other S3D Tech


TriDef 3D Media Player is the multimedia photo and video player that you get with Acer Aspre 3D laptops and some other 3D displays, but you can as well buy the TriDef 3D experience software separately. Besides the movie and photo player you also get the TriDef 3D Ignition software that is intended to be used to play games in Stereoscopic 3D mode, but I’ll talk about the gaming part with TriDef software in another post and now lets get back to the Media Player…

The TriDef 3D Media Player is intended to be used to play back stereoscopic 3D movies and pictures, along with normal 2D images and 2D movies that can be converted in real time to 3D. The player practically supports all popular movie and photo containers and formats, including support for the proprietary formats used by the developers of the player DDD – .TriDefMovie, .TriDefPhoto and .TriDefPOPvert. The good thing is that you just need to have the proper DirectShow splitter filter and codec in order to be able to play the video in the player and possibly convert it from 2D to 3D in real time. However prior to the just released today TriDef 3D Media Player version 6.5.5 I had some issues with playing back some video files in MOV, TS and MP4 file containers although the system had the needed support installed, but the good news is that the new version has this fixed. I was a bit disappointed by the fact that the player does not support side by side stereoscopic 3D video and I also had some trouble with above/below, although these should be working and with field sequential video too.

What is quite interesting in this player is the feature to convert in real time 2D videos into stereoscopic 3D, even DVD Video and HD clips. However you should know that the resulting 3D effect depends on a lot of factors and sometimes it can be better and sometimes it can be worse, but there are some things that you should be aware in order to get better results. Using higher resolution and better quality videos does help a lot to provide better conversion results, also using videos with steadier and not too fast paced action usually results in better depth perception. A usual problem for 2D to 3D conversions are the fast paced trailers that do have a lot of action and switch between too much different scenes very quickly, so you might want to avoid these, but it won’t hurt to try them just in case. 3D CG animation movies are usually Ok when converted in stereoscopic 3D, but working with 2D drawn or cell shaded Anime the effect of depth is not that good, but there are still exceptions.


And since there are not a lot of stereoscopic 3D movies and even trailers available having an Ok feature that allows you to convert 2D to 3D videos, however being far from true stereoscopic 3D shot or rendered content is still nice to have. You can also do something else with the help of additional software like Fraps for instance (the video recording framerate should be set to match the source framerate and don’t forget to record audio!) – I mean that you can capture the real time video conversion into an Interlaced video format and then share it with other people that do not have TriDef compatible hardware/software to do this themselves, but still have some sort of Stereoscopic 3D setup. After grabbing the converted video stream with Fraps you should reconvert it to something smaller in size, but have in mind that you should maintain high quality of the video compression in order not to get something with bad quality 3D. An example of what you can achieve with the automatic 2D to 3D conversion with the media player is available here Avatar HD Movie Trailer in Stereoscopic 3D Format. Some videos can convert better, other can convert worse… the results depend on a lot of factors, but I’ll say again that this is still not as good as a true stereoscopic 3D content, so don’t get your hopes too high.

The player does not offer a lot of options and the conversion to 3D is almost completely automatic, however you still have control on two things that can roughly be considered to be equivalent of depth and convergence level (the two controls in the right). This allows you to tweak a bit the results in order to minimize the ghosting in the final video or to improve a bit the stereoscopic 3D effect, but still the rest is done by predefined algorithms. And no matter how good are these algorithms for conversion they are still not perfect and can do mistakes like adding depth where they are not supposed to for instance, although considering they do not require any serious setting up they still manage to do their job quite well and don’t forget that everything is being done in real time.

For more information about the TriDef 3D Media Player software…

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  • 1 Philip Heggie // Dec 16, 2009 at 03:47

    You can create an avisynth script to convert side by side to
    above below and use Tridef naming convention name like
    video-ab.avs Right click on .avs and select play with Tridef Media Player.


  • 2 Philip Heggie // Dec 16, 2009 at 04:09

    To play side by side squashed name this script videosbssquashed-ab.avs and right click .avs and select play with Tridef Media Player


  • 3 Bloody // Dec 16, 2009 at 10:45

    Thanks Philip, this is very useful info :)

  • 4 Stalin // Feb 12, 2010 at 03:35


    This is Stalin from India i would like to have the free version of this media player which it can support 3D movies .

    Kindly requesting to send em a link to download the software for free initially then i would pay and get the licence version .

    Thanks and Regards

  • 5 Bloody // Feb 13, 2010 at 23:37

    You can download the demo version from the official TriDef website…

  • 6 Andrew Murchie // Mar 18, 2010 at 12:29


    I’m not sure after reading this nor the tridef site if the tridef media player actually works on GeForce 3d hardware? Can you advise.


    Andrew Murchie

  • 7 Bloody // Mar 19, 2010 at 22:16

    No, it does not support Nvidia’s 3D Vision solution…

  • 8 Karl // Mar 25, 2010 at 03:36

    bloody, not even when used in conjunction with fraps? as described in the walk through?

    looking at getting 3D vision but as a uk customer limited to choices, but want to watch my films in 3d

  • 9 Daniel // Jul 29, 2010 at 22:28

    so, can you record the player with FRAPS and it will be 3D, which can then be uploaded to YouTube in the 3D format?

  • 10 Amit // Aug 2, 2010 at 16:50

    What is this?
    Aap mujhe Round and round kyon ghuma rahe hain.
    If u have not any software like tridef then why u publish this site?

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